15 Top Tips for a cheap car insurance!

Zathu227 23-01-2018 Auto
When exiting your car insurance premium is determined by several factors. Each insurer uses still other methods to calculate them. Learn quickly and easily which aspects could affect the premium. Then you make through practical choices and ask smart questions the cheapest car insurance which is right for you. You will never know exactly how the insurer calculates your premium, but it will get more insight into the differences in calculation between insurance. With the growing range of car insurance from local insurance companies, insurance companies and big online companies like HEMA, there is much more choice and price competition. This makes it well worth the effort itself can go to research to find the cheapest car insurance. You can do this by inquiring with several insurance companies in your area, look up information themselves online and ask for experiences of your family and friends.
In addition to comparing insurance policies, there are also elements of your own circumstances that determine the level of your premium. After learning of the following tips you better understand what these features are and choose a car insurance with the lowest possible premiums and appropriate coverage.

Car insurance on the Internet

Online car insurance are on average 10% to 30% cheaper, so buy your insurance over the Internet. You can use comparison sites like Independer.nl, Verzekeringssite.nl and Consumentenbond.nl. As Insurance Site in 2011 published a study which found that ?? an expensive insurance on average 2.7 times more charged for car insurance than a cheap company with the same and sometimes better coverage ??.

Extras and Supplements

Due to the high competition between car insurance, often extras are offered in the insurance package. Not all extras apply to everyone or convenient for some cars. Often, you do pay for it.
For example, there is the possibility to replace your car with an equivalent copy in the event of an accident. The value of your car which however presuppose is not of purchase but the value just before the accident. This is often just a fraction and not worthwhile to pay a high premium. If you value your car is low, you would be able to choose to have coverage in case of damage covered.
The same applies to additional insurance. These do not always offer the extra security that you think, and may overlap with other components of your car insurance or any other insurance. So it is often not necessary to take an extra car legal expenses if you already have a general legal expenses. It is also possible that you already receive such fees in other ways, for example by your membership of the ANWB.
Walk your car insurance so carefully on extra unneeded services and ask them to remove it from the package.

Age Discount

Ask if the providers give any age discount. Which can add up quickly to a nice deducted from the premium. The greatest chance for a lower premium by age get between 26 and 55 years. The downside is that you have to pay as a young person with little driving experience a higher premium. The insurance is typically more expensive for an older, because the reaction time and concentration in the elderly may be lower.

Low-risk locations

The postcode area where you live and / or work may also play a role in determining the premium, because the risk of damage and theft may vary by ZIP code. So you will pay a higher premium for urban areas than for quiet environments. A further consideration is the distance you travel between your home and workplace involved. If you drive a considerable number of kilometers to get to work, then it is likely that you experience an accident and submit a claim.

Loss Development

Your claims experience is another factor that can bring a car insurer in determining your premium. This often is used the bonus-malus system. For every claim-free year you go one step higher on the bonus-malus ladder. But for any claims that is your fault, you go a few steps down. The higher you are on the ladder, the higher your no-claim discount is. The lower you are, the lower the discount and hence higher premiums.
What is the ratio between a claim and the number of steps down, varies by insurer. You can even have a negative number of claim-free years, if you're short but assured. Check with the insurer how much your current car insurance claim-free years you have. Also check with several insurers for the reduction in the number of claim-free years.
It may be cheaper to pay for minor damage yourself so you do not miss the no-claims bonus. If you have a history row with little or no compensation claims, can also be advantageous to increase your own risk. This will lower your premium. It is unlikely that you will ever have to pay the amount, and you'll save a lot on your car insurance.

Specific features of your car

Model, brand, year, month, construction, fuel type and transmission of your car can affect the amount of your auto insurance.
Heavy vehicles
The weight of your car include a determining factor for the amount of your premium. The damage to the property of others in an accident with a heavy car is often larger and more costly to repair. The premium you pay for the Legal Liability is high.
Luxury Cars
With luxury cars, there are high costs associated with the repair of your car, and the premium will also be significant. A good way to reduce your premium is to drive in a smaller and cheaper cars. You therefore pay less road tax and petrol and burn off fewer.
New car
The newer the car, the higher will be the cost of replacement. Also, some models are simply more reliable than others. If a car is very old, it can be again less reliable than a new car. Choose to purchase a car known to be reliable, here the insurer also takes into account when determining the level of your premium. Do you have an older or less reliable car, invest in changes that make it safer car. Think of automatic safety belts and airbags.
Sports car
For sports cars, it is usually difficult to conclude a cheap car insurance. The risk of causing an accident involving damage is much higher if your car is fast. It looks at the acceleration and assuming that the driver of a fast car is inclined to drive faster. This may also play a role in age: the combination of a novice driver with a fast car is a reason for the insurer to demand a higher premium.
Durable car
If you drive a green car, then you can win a cheap car insurance by large discounts on your premium. There are even examples of known auto insurers for red cars more expensive car insurance then close for blue cars because red cars were more often involved in accidents.
Think carefully about what characteristics of your future car or car can be favorably or negatively on your premium, your insurer and ask for a discount if your car is less likely to damage claims.

Package Discount

Different insurers offer discounts if you have multiple insurance policies lodge with them. Ensure all vehicles on the same policy in your family and you often get the highest premium for both cars ?? s. If you have multiple insurance policies and several cars within the same household, it is even considering to close all insurance policies with the same insurer. It can not just be a cheap car insurance, but also represent a discount on the total amount you spend on your insurance. Moreover, you save considerably on extra administration and stick to easy summary.

Auto-advanced course

Sometimes insurance companies offer specific car classes, such as a skid course. Once you have completed the course successfully, you will be eligible for a cheaper car insurance. Ask about the possibilities with your existing insurer and other insurers. Following the course usually costs less than the yields obtained the certificate. Or Check if the bags for the course has no negative impact on your premium.


If you are already longer insured with the same company, then you can see if you can get a reward for your loyalty. Perhaps it is possible to maintain direct contact with an insurance agent. You can try to get a discount on your premium on that relationship. In that case, an intermediary handy.

Secure parking

Parking in a secure place or in a garage. The risk of theft and damage is considerably smaller, and you can ask whether in this case you are entitled to a cheaper car insurance.

Alarm system and burglar

Reduce the risk of theft by equipping the car with an alarm system and / or other anti-theft measures, and mentioned this to your insurer. This can provide a discount on your auto insurance. Try in advance to find out when the insurance company that alarm systems are seen as a risk-reducing and or discount is possible.

Group discount

It may be that you qualify for a premium discount if you are a member of a certain collective. Thus, members of United Consumers and Independer discount on their car insurance. It is also possible that you can get a discount on car insurance through your employer through a collective scheme.
Research which groups you are affiliated, and inquire about the possibilities. Examples of collective car insurance include those in Ohra, Centraal Beheer and Univé. You can also ask the insurer itself to a list of groups that collective arrangements, and see if you are already a member, or to become a member. Also.
If you are not a member of a group, you can still make use of collective security based on specific characteristics. Thus there are car insurance for students, women and pensioners.

Less in the car

The time you spend on the road and the number of kilometers you travel can be counted when determining the premium. At various car insurance car insurance premium is dependent on the number of kilometers you drive. Drive your little, you pay less. Give therefore not too much mileage on, but not too much, because that can come at the expense of coverage. If you do not often driving or driving long distances you can win a cheaper car insurance. Walk, cycle or take public transport. It is however a discount will not automatically give the insurer where you need to ask yourself. Check with different insurance companies.

Premium pay over longer periods

By paying over a longer period, such as six months or a year, you often lose less than if you pay each month. If you can afford it, it is a convenient option to pay directly for the full year. Insurance companies often benefit from such a payment, but not always mention the premium that you can get that. Or the amount that otherwise you pay more per month.

The correct data

It sounds redundant, but check all your data in your current auto insurance and you fill in order to conclude a new one. Errors of the insurer or which can yourself make sure you're paying more than necessary. For example, a fault in the vehicle or the VIN number consequences to calculate your premium. Walk your policy even after any errors in the packet composition. Is the coverage you applied for? Are all extras and supplements as chosen? Carefully check can save you future costs.
Finding a cheap car insurance has become a lot easier. You'll still have to do the necessary research and have to proactively ask the insurance agents. Insurers do not automatically will give the discounts for which you qualify. It does take some effort and time, but the savings is more than worth your yields. Hopefully the above tips helped you enough to start your own research. Have your experiences, tips or suggestions you'd like to share regarding finding a cheap car insurance, please leave a message in the guestbook. Good luck!