17 years and driving - Why a begeleiderspas?

Your license from your 17th and begeleiderspas. Before introducing the begeleiderspas / 2toDrive for 17 years on November 1, 2011, there is much discussion, weighed up. Minister Camiel Eurlings had already in December 2008 a proposal for the guided drive. The final adoption has taken so long, has partly to do with the change of the law and regulate the legal aspects of supervised driving and the need for background checks for the subsequent counselors.

Of supervised driving to 2toDrive

Many people turned to the term begeleiderspas to have an image of disabled transport. Given the motivation of the target ?? jarigen- of 17 to participate in the experiment is ultimately selected the name 2toDrive.
Look for the rules concerning the application for the begeleiderspas and rules that you must comply alos 17 years to 17 years - driving - the begeleiderspas / 2toDrive

Considerations have played a role in introducing

Despite the sharp drop in traffic in recent years, even among novice drivers, remain the group of 18 to 24 year olds is one of the most risky groups in traffic. The first years after obtaining the license, and especially the first few months after the exam, they seem to run a relatively high risk of becoming involved in an accident. Compared to more experienced drivers, the group has 18 to 24 year olds per kilometer driven a more than four times more likely to be involved in a serious traffic accident than car drivers in the age group of 30 to 59 years
The level of involvement of young novice drivers is partly to do with a number of issues that have to do with age, as
  • inadequate hazard
  • poor impulse control
  • overconfidence and group behavior
  • lack of driving experience

Promote road safety

In recent years, several measures have been taken to increase the safety of this group of novice drivers. Measures that have been realized or being worked on at this time, concern inter alia the introduction of:
  • beginner's license
  • reducing the alcohol limit for novice drivers to 0.2 ??
  • the introduction of a driving license for category AM with corresponding theoretical and practical
  • The introduction of light educational measure alcohol and traffic
  • renovation of the practical test with more emphasis on hazard recognition and self-driving

Accompanied driving in other countries

Many countries around us have a form of supervised driving. In most countries, supervised driving part of driver training, with guidance by the parents or guardians usually as an alternative to driving lessons from a professional instructor is possible.
In our country the opinion is that the disadvantage of this system is that young drivers have no driving license and that makes proper enforcement impossible. Furthermore, part of the training is provided by non-professional instructors. Of course, not prevent anyone driving under supervision, as well as other drivers are involved in an accident. Yet it appears that including Sweden, the UK and Germany, the crash rate of drivers who have driven under escort is much lower than for drivers who drive independently directly after obtaining the license.

Practice Results in Germany

In Germany ?? where supervised driving some years ago put in place- one has had good experiences here. In Germany follow the first learner driver training with a certified instructor Autorij and he takes the usual exams. The young driver can then accompanied by an experienced driver to gain driving experience. The conditions for participating voluntarily in Germany was also the age reduction for following practical; namely from 16 years and six months and the practical test from 17 years. The 17-year-old driver may be up to his 18th year just to drive a car if there is an older, experienced supervisor is present in the car. From the 18th birthday that driver may drive a car without a guide.
The first figures from Germany show that drivers who obtained their license from 17 years and have driven under supervision from the age of 18 compared to drivers who first start driving, approximately
  • 20% fewer offenses committed
  • 30% have fewer accidents
  • less frequently under the influence of drink or drugs driving

The expectation is that the trial in the Netherlands approximately 16 deaths each year will produce less

The experiment supervised driving ?? 2toDrive

The experiment will last up to six years. At that time, we will examine whether the participants actually supervised driving safer work independently and keep driving. SWOV and the Traffic and Navigation will follow extensively in six years experimenting and evaluating. This assessment relates to both the year accompanied driving as the first year of independent driving of the budding young driver. Based on this assessment will be supervised driving has a lasting positive effect on road safety and that the experiment should eventually be converted to a final settlement.
Four years after the start of the experiment will be an interim report on the evaluation of supervised driving to parliament offer. Depending on the outcome of the mid-term, there will be a proposal or response to the experiment is to put in a final settlement.

Function of the supervisor

The supervisor acts from the passenger seat as a contact point for the 17-year-old driver and coaching where necessary, but he does not give lessons, and he made no driver action. The mere presence of an adult has a moderating and protective influence on the participant abroad. The supervisor can be a relative or an acquaintance, and need not possess the qualifications of a Autorij instructor. To ensure the quality of the coaching, the supervisor must meet certain requirements. See article 17 year driving - the begeleiderspas.
In addition, the supervisor while not accompany under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he sits next to the driver and not participating in the back and he must identify themselves at check in order to verify that the person is one in begeleiderspas said supervisor.

The driver's Licence

Participants in the experiment supervised driving / 2toDrive who have passed the theory and practical successfully for driving license and have demonstrated their suitability for that category, get a driver's license issued document issued in accordance with European regulations. The document has the usual rate in the Netherlands valid for 10 years. The license is therefore no further restrictions and does not subsequently reversed or modified. The only restriction is that it must be driven until the 18th year only and NOT the license in the Netherlands and abroad.


The 17-year-old is after obtaining the driving license of fact and law the driver and therefore liable. Should still met the requirements that the experiment both the driver and to notify the supervisor. If he does not meet these requirements, the participant goes into effect without a valid license.

Measures and sanctions if the driver or the supervisor does not meet the requirements of supervised driving / 2toDrive meets

The participant in the experiment is -as genoemd- fact and law, the driver of the vehicle. Violation of traffic regulations will be punished according to the rules that apply in the Road Traffic Act.

The 17-year-old is regarded as a new driver. This means:

  • lower alcohol limit of 0.2 per mille and beginners regulation is fully applicable to him
  • recidivism regulation is applicable to him, as otherwise applicable to all license holders
  • to doubt his skills and fitness, for example, if he has committed serious offenses, such as a considerable amount of exceeding the legal alcohol limit, police will a notice under Article 130, paragraph release of the WVW 1994 and will CBR him, depending on the situation, an educational measure, an alcolock program or impose a test of skills or suitability.

Control and enforcement

Police officers and staff of the regional traffic enforcement teams of the Ministry of Security and Justice will need to establish, based on the birth date on the license that it is a participant in the experiment; it should be in possession of a begeleiderspas and only allowed to drive with a companion . If they conclude that the driver is under 18 and drive unaccompanied, then they will recover his license.