75% fuel savings with the GEET processor!

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In 1976 there was invented Geet processor. This allows each motor can do 75% more fuel. The oil industry is already 35 years successfully managed to remember Geet principle to citizens. Who delved into the story of Geet processor will discover that we have no energy in the world. We have a political problem.


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The Geet principle for internal combustion engines up to 20 hp released by inventor Paul Pantone. Anyone can forge with stuff from the do-it-yourself shop. An engine of 20 hp can provide a home with electricity. The petrol engine has alongside many alternative fuels; water, lemonade, toilet cleaner, used motor oil, and so on. The emission is oxygen! If you do not believe you can build a motorcycle with Geet principle recreate. Internet descriptions are available that explain exactly how to do it and they stand as the source for this article.

Engine operation with Geet

The operation of the Geet principle is as follows. The exhaust fumes from the engine are hot. This heat is led by the Geet-processor to a second fuel, where the engine is running on. That could be water, soft drinks and more. Due to the heat vaporizes the fuel. The second fuel is led through a pipe that is mounted in the exhaust. A pipe in a pipe so. Because two currents in the pipe are opposite to each other acts on the counter-flow effect. This effect causes the alternative fuel gets an electric charge; the substance is magnetic. The substance then becomes the 4th state of matter, plasma. Besides liquid, gaseous or solid form each molecule can have a 4th state; the plasma state.


Probably, you assume that the inventor was warmly embraced by the automotive industry and governments. Because major problems can be resolved and the environmental pollution is reduced drastically as the world enters the Geet principle in the cars or electricity. Paul Pantone should get a Nobel Prize. But that has not happened. Pantone has even spent three years in prison because he has done this invention. He is after a television appearance was personally threatened, especially by oil companies. There have been several lawyers who are spending as the cause promoter of Pantone Pantone while it never asked for. These lawyers have PMS for several offenses such as fraud do end up behind bars. On the day of writing this article, it was announced that a good lawyer has him in a couple of weeks been released.

Build a Geet processor

Brummen, Netherlands is a group of enthusiasts to get started to experiment with engines with Geet principle. Interested parties can go there for a workshop. It also builds cars here. A license to use the Geet principle in your car costs about 250 euros.


There are people who can not believe that this version really works and the introduction firmly stopped by the oil industry and the government. These people will also not be surprised about the fact that the petrol car still uses the same amount of gasoline or more than the automobile 100 years ago. The reason for this is that the oil industry will not give up their gains billion. The government will make every effort to retain the revenues from gasoline taxes, against the will of the citizen. Environmental pollution is an afterthought for government and industry. This motor is only one of the many inventions which have not been placed on the market. Humanity is many years quite cheated by the various governments in the world and we are starting to get pretty much behind, thanks to internet.
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The oil business is also fraud slogan. But this man is 100% a scammer. I've been there and seen everything there. Unfortunately also cost money


Due to the heat vaporizes the fuel rather than the rest of the mixture. Try the tank once again to make. Paul Pantone is a convicted swindler who can continue his scam by sites like this.


The GEET plans are available free on the Internet because the inventor had no money to earn. When a group of people or asking for money to carry out his plan then that is suspicious. The plans are in the development stage, according to the inventors / developers and have yet to be worked out. Not every remanufactured engine is working behoren.Kunt give you some reasons why'deze man 'is fraudulent?


Whether the oil industry has cheated you and to continue with its energy-guzzling a fraud.