A crash course in the ANWB motoring, it"s something for me?

To include the ANWB motoring you can follow a crash course so that you come into possession as soon as possible of your license. In this article, all the information about this crash course and the pros and cons of it.

When a pair of sense?

The approach of a crash course is that within a few weeks, or even within ten days have your driver's license. This means therefore that you're very heavily involved in learning to drive and that it is expected a lot from you. A crash course is really only useful if you can learn to drive quite fast and thus also what you feel for. A crash course means you hours of listening, information processing, pay attention, think and are practicing. This is fairly heavy and certainly not everyone can handle this. If you are considering doing a crash course, ask for a test or an intake which explores whether this method, which is for you.

Theory exam

If you want a crash course it is advisable to make sure that you have already passed your theory certificate when you start with the practical lessons. It would be a shame if you stand already in the practical, but must wait because you got your theory yet!

Crash course in the ANWB

From the ANWB you can already ride off within ten days if you wish. It is true that you can not just go out of those ten days. If you opt for a fast driver training, because you have to do a Rationalization at the ANWB. This test will cost you 66 euros herein and defines the way of lessons for you will work best and how many hours you'll need. The Rationalization generally takes place in a driving simulator and occasionally on the public roads. Based on the advice the ANWB gives following the Rationalization lessnelheid for you, they can also tell you how much your lessons including first exam will approximately cost.
The practical lessons from the ANWB not only found on the public road, you also get lessons in a driving simulator, and supporting classes on the computer. The simulator and computer classes prepare you for the lessons you will get on the road, so you know what to expect and you'll be 100% can focus on driving.

Benefits of a crash course

  • You can have all your driving license within ten days, which is very handy if you need it really urgently, to work for example.
  • You're very heavily involved in learning to drive and you will not ever again have again 'income' at the beginning of a lesson, in which weekly classes is often the case.

Disadvantages of a crash course

  • The lessons are often during the day, so you need a certain continuous period are free to follow the lessons.
  • Generally remains suspended material better when you're working longer, with a crash course this is not the case.
  • You have to be able to focus well for a longer period of time.

Is it for me?

You have to go to consult yourself if this is something for you. Can you concentrate well, take your new content easily and can stand to a few hours at a time to be somewhere intensively doing? The Rationalization you can make a whole lot wiser and you will also get good advice on how driving lessons is best for you. Good luck!