A Holiday Bike Purchase

When purchasing a touring bike or trekking bike you may see the forest for the trees. It should be taken into account by all, and there are countless choices. Actually, it is enormously: after selecting the correct frame and wheel size is the most important already done. Do you spend a few minutes of the handlebar, saddle and pedals, and comfort will increase tremendously! A few more tips to observe and your bike is soon ready for cycling!

The frame and the frame size of the touring bike

If you want a frame of steel or aluminum? That is one of the first issues that will arise. Of steel is generally said to be more comfortable driving, and that it is more robust. On the other hand, aluminum is usually lighter. Finally, frames are also made of titanium. You therefore pay a high premium price, but then you have a material that combines the advantages of steel and aluminum.
In addition to the material, the frame size is extremely important. If you buy a new bike, let yourself be sure to measure in a shop, or take a seat on a pasframe. The saddle and handlebars to a lesser extent can always put higher and lower, but the geometry of the frame is not to change more! Take the horizontal top tube of the frame: a short top tube will cause the steering wheel is too close to your knees, too long top tube ensures that you are too far forward must haves to send: both can nasty back pain may result.

The wheels

Another important issue is the choice of the wheel size: 26 or 28 inch. 26-inch wheels will find outside the Netherlands easier spare tires and spare wheels. 28-inch wheels is said on the other side of being something better ride and require less pedaling power. 26 inch wheels are usually chosen for travel in "the middle of nowhere" and world tours: straps can also be purchased abroad.

The contact: handlebar, saddle and pedals

It is important to amply pay attention to the handlebar, saddle and pedals of the bicycle vacation. These three contacts can significantly affect the bike ease!
Steering wheel
If too much time is spent on a bike, it's very nice when there is the possibility to grip the wheel in several ways. Thus, in particular the hands and wrists, always bear a load in a different way, so that injuries to these body parts often will remain off.
The most famous bicycle handlebars are:
  • Straight handlebars
Instead of completely straight forward one sees often send with a slight bow. In general, it is recommended to choose a steering wheel which is bent a number of degrees, in any case, in order to relieve the wrists. To the straight handlebars give more hand positions can be chosen to fit "bar ends." These are, as the name says, handles that are mounted perpendicular to the ends of the handlebar.
  • Butterfly Send
The butterfly steering wheel has roughly the shape of an eight and thus offers many different hand positions.
  • Cycling send
The racing wheel is usually suitable for those who like relatively bent forward on the bike. You have to give birth such a sporting attitude; many find it more comfortable to sit slightly more upright.
When choosing the wheel is, as usual, to most importantly see what you find most comfortable ride!
A "straight" handlebars bending
A butterfly control
The racing wheel
Zadelpijn: some will never be a problem, for others it is a known phenomenon. If you belong to the latter group, it is advisable to make an informed choice. During a cycling holiday you will need a relatively long time in the saddle can handle, it is therefore also highly recommended to leave the comfort of the saddle have already tested. Many opt for a saddle that is richly filled with gel. It might sound crazy but certainly during a cycling holiday may be uncomfortable. Gel accumulates and compresses places where you would rather not experience any pressure. Moreover, it can be sweltering. In general, a hard saddle in the long run more comfortable!
Please continue to the following guidelines:
  • If you sit up straight, you need a bigger body than when you sit forward. Therefore, the racing saddles are narrower than those of city bikes. During a cycling are many, always bent slightly forward, keep this in mind!
  • The cause of pain to the perineum is a detailed discussed complaint. Some see as an outcome a saddle with a slit in the middle, others believe that this increases the symptoms correctly. See what works for you.
  • If you have suffered from sore might try to wear bike shorts or -broek while cycling. Especially during cycling holidays, this is recommended: the chamois in such pants fretting about clothing folds and keeps everything dry in most conditions.
  • Some swear by leather saddles. These saddles need to be protected from the rain and often hundreds of kilometers to be broken in before they're really nice.

Again, the choice of a saddle is very personal! In many bicycle shops, it is possible to reduce a saddle as it does not like!
Many are not realize what a comfort can bring the right pedals. Pedals can be divided into "clipless pedals" and "ordinary" pedals.
Clipless pedals
Clipless pedals require the use of special bicycle shoes. In the sole of these shoes is a picture that can be clipped into the pedal. Thus, one can achieve a greater effectiveness larger stage, also in that force can be exerted during the raising of the pedal. What you should keep in mind:
  • It requires skill to get quickly out of the clipless pedals. The movement required for this purpose is usually to the turning off of the heel: this movement is not completely identical to the "normal" way of getting off. However, you can adjust how much power you have to exercise to loosen the feet of the pedals, but even the lowest level can bring more difficulties. The result is that in situations where there is need for swift action, you can fall ugly.
  • Clipless pedals can be used only with special cycling shoes. These shoes generally run less than, say, sneakers. Remember to consider extra luggage.
  • A poor adjustment can lead to knee problems. However, these problems are usually easily solved by the mechanism to fine tune.

Ordinary pedals
Just pedal with pins holding it in ordinary pedals note that a large surface area, especially during holidays, sometimes much more comfortable could be for you. Therefore real "vacation pedals" often carried large. To somewhat mimic the advantages of clipless pedals use a lot of holiday cyclists pedals come true metal pins. As a result, the foot slips off the pedal less rapidly. The pins can be sure if your leg fall upon the pedal to embarrassing situations.

Tires and luggage

Two items where you will not be better for a cycling can save his tires and the luggage rack. Choose a tire with good puncture resistant so you will not be bothered during a vacation through a puncture. Also notice the profile: cycle mainly on tarmac, then you are better off with a smoother profile, so that the rolling resistance remain low. Please also many unpaved trails, take a tire with more tread for better grip. For the touring bike are often tires from Schwalbe and Continental used. On Schwalbe's website you can easily find a tire that fits your needs, by indicating through an electoral system where your priorities lie.
The rear rack and front carrier usually have to endure a lot of luggage and can save you a lot of mischief! Therefore choose proper carriers. Many holiday cyclists use steel Tubus carriers, but also carriers can suffice in a lower segment.

In order to take into account when purchasing a touring bike

The resistance
The opposition says something about how "light" and how "heavy" you can pedal. This is determined by how many gears the bike in front, and how many gears it down the back of the bike. If you go cycling in mountainous terrain, it is advisable to have a so-called "triple" by bicycle. "Triple" refers to three gears for, while you will find often seven to nine gears on the back of the bike.
On the pricier vacation bike you will also find the so-called "hub gear." A gear hub does not have any sprockets: the whole gear mechanism is incorporated in the axis of the rear wheel. Such a hub gear is called "Rohloff" to the brand that makes the gears. The big advantage of a hub gear is that much less maintenance need not be done, after all, you do not have all kinds of gears hang close to the ground. Moreover, it is easier to turn. Disadvantages include the weight of such a hub and the extra cost.
Magura hydraulic remVoor a touring bike have rim brakes perfect. Disc brakes like a mountain bike course also work well on a vacation but can cause problems if bend the disc. Drum brakes as fitted to many city bikes should not be used for cycling holidays! They have limited stopping power and relatively quickly become overheated. The rear brake step is perhaps the most advisable off.
Rim brakes come in different varieties. For touring bikes are called "v-brakes" standard. These have a very good braking power, are easy to adjust and worn brake pads can be easily replaced. In a more expensive segment also hydraulic brakes. Whereas traditional v-brakes operate by means of a cable, to work with the aid of hydraulic brake fluid, and piston. It is believed that hydraulic brakes the braking force can be better dosed. Both the hydraulic brakes as the traditional "V-brakes" are ideal for cycling holidays.
As a cyclist it is very important for visibility in traffic. Even if you do not plant in the twilight or dark cycle, the precautionary's wise to take good lighting. You can choose battery or a dynamo lighting. With a generator you will not sit quickly without lights, but you do have to make yourself the energy to make the lights work! Today, an often used bicycles on holiday hub dynamos: a dynamo which is incorporated in the shaft of the front wheel. Please note: a dynamo verziet usually only for light energy; the rear in that case you will still need to work with batteries. Do you have a limited budget, then meets battery lighting in most cases fine.
Bottle Cages
During a holiday, it is nice if you can transport water using bottle cages attached to the frame. So you can while riding your water bottle with it suits, as well as the weight of your luggage is more evenly distributed over the bike. Especially men frames usually offer the possibility to attach three bottle holders: one on the vertical pipe and two on the lower down tube. You can use the frame instead of a bottle holder can mount a PET bottle holder so you can carry more water.
Useful if there is no possibility to put your bike against something: a standard. This prevents false forces are exerted on the pedals. Note that a bicycle with balancing a rear stand much easier than a bicycle with a center stand. Have you found a nominator, you can also consider it to attach to a standard, so that the front wheel no longer collapsing.

More information

It is always wise to seek expert advice from a shop. Especially stores that specialize in cycling holidays can provide very useful advice. Some well known touring bike brands:
  • Avaghon
  • Giant
  • Idworx
  • Koga
  • Santos
  • Fast
  • Stevens
  • Pull
  • From Herwerden
  • Vittorio
  • VSF Fahrradmanufaktur

On the websites of the brands themselves can find a dealer in your area. Also on the Internet is much to gain information. For example, on the website and the forum of the world cyclist.
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