A railway season ticket to travel free at weekends

xhammer 23-01-2018 Auto
The NS has a new subscription on the market with which you can travel free at weekends. This new subscription you can possibly expand with free travel in off-peak hours. Read all about this new subscription, and reduced rates for children, families and people who are over sixty-five years.

A railway season ticket to travel free at weekends

The train is faster, less polluting and often cheaper than the car. There is recently a new subscription to use the train. With this subscription you can travel freely throughout the weekend by train. This is very handy if you travel only on weekends a lot by train.

Discount during off-peak hours

Besides the fact that you can travel for free during the weekend with this card, you can also get there with forty percent discount during off peak hours. This means that you get with this subscription on weekdays before 6:30 pm Forty percent discount, but also between 9:00 to 16:00 am and after 18:30. The subscription also replaces the normal discount card.

The chip card

Free travel on the weekends is a product that is linked to a personal OV-chip card. This means you need to check in and out and the rate includes the discount will be automatically deducted from your balance. So it is very important to keep strictly to the times. If you are a student already have a smart card for doordeweek, you will need to apply for a new smart card, because the NS these two products can not be put on the same card.

The duration of the weekend subscription NS

The duration of the weekend subscription is standard at least one year. After the expiry of this year, the monthly subscription can be canceled. If you do not like a year to be stuck to the subscription you can also buy it for a single month. However, a single month is significantly more expensive.

When you free travel on the weekends subscription

You can travel for free between 18:30 Friday and 04:00 Monday. Please note that you so after 18:30 check in and are checked for 04:00 on Monday. Do not you and check you in early then you just pay it. This discount is not valid with other carriers such as Connexxion.

Free travel on weekends with other travelers

Usually you will travel on the weekends alone, so you can use fifty percent off a second weekend Purchasing subscription for a family member. This discount also applies to people who are older than sixty-five years. Also to children is thought to purchasing this subscription you'll get up to three tickets for children that allows them to travel free all year. This card is valid for children up to eleven years.

Cost of the subscription to travel free at weekends

Of course, there are costs associated with this subscription. At present, the subscription costs forty euros per month. People over sixty-five years pay twenty euros per month. If a family member also costs subscribe this second subscription also twenty euros per month. Children under eleven years of age can travel free if one or both parents have a weekend subscription. Further expanding this weekend subscription with the option to also travel free in off-peak times or even always travel free. In this way, there are plenty of opportunities to go cheap by train.