Abroad, rent a car

gattri 28-12-2017 Auto
On holiday abroad, rent a car, make on-site mobile and less dependent on public transport and local amenities. In many countries the public is poorly organized in comparison with the Netherlands. Hiring a car is easier in one country than in another country. You would be wise to advance here to gain information about it. What happens in case of damage? How many kilometers you may run up to drive the car? What do the various terms? These are questions that you can prepare at home already. You have to really know for yourself what costs and what is covered by the insurance. You should also pay attention to additional costs. On site you can obtain the best information at your hotel or apartment. Not all companies that rent cars ?? s are in fact reliable.

What do the terms in the contracts?

Nobody goes on holiday to fully read the contract you must sign before you can rent a car. Still, it's wise to know well in advance what costs for the own account. It is possible that damage due to vandalism or theft is not covered by the cover. With such a contract, you must run the necessary risks. In case the car is stolen or, yourself for the damage. With complete coverage, you may have to pay yourself a high deductible on damage.

Check the car beforehand

Damage to the car which is subsequently found, it will be attributed to you. You must clearly know what damage the car already had before you took the car. Even at companies that are of good will, can create confusion about damage to the car. For example, together with the landlord to walk around the car and look at the condition of the car. By using your phone to make a video recording, you can thus demonstrate that a loss before even sitting in the car.

Only rent by credit card

By landlords is often stated as a requirement that you have a credit card. This is for the landlord a sort of guarantee which they should have before they can give the car.

Private insurance is not valid

Your personal liability insurance is not valid in accidents by motor vehicles. Your own car insurance can of course offer no cover, because that is linked to your car.

Car hire in Netherlands

You can rent a car in the Netherlands and thus go to a foreign destination. You can also in the Netherlands for rent a car for your holiday destination. This possibility only exists for the popular holiday destinations, and the international rental companies. This has the advantage that you have a trusted landlord, and at home, you can look deeply into the terms. In Dutch, you can retrieve critical information at the landlord.

Second driver to include in the contract

You must take care that in some cases only the contractor is insured. You can advance or agree with the landlord to include a second driver in the agreement as well. For young people there are surcharges.

Particulars what to look for

Some countries have details regarding car ?? s. In France this car ?? s for example, be identified by the distinctive emblem. This increases the risk of car-break-in. Tourists have in fact often valuable possessions with them. Before departing, you have to look through the Internet for specifics pertaining to your holiday destination.