Adjust your speed

The fines for speeding are not appreciated by everyone is a truism. Is it socially responsible to try to escape the penalties? Or should we just revise our behavior? People try in the most inventive ways to escape fines for inappropriate speed because they feel wronged. Therefore, proposals are made as: contests the fine and argue that measuring equipment was not in order and do this en masse so that the administration hopelessly tangled.
Others try to make the speed cameras down or invent ways to make their license plate unreadable.
There are even drivers who use a license that does not conform with the registration number on the registration certificate or insurance policy.
This has the fallacy: that way we put the police an incentive to engage in the real crime instead of harassing drivers.

The great danger of inappropriate speed

According to the Belgian Road Safety Institute in Belgium there are an average of 300 deaths in accidents caused by inappropriate speed. That makes 30% of the number of fatal accidents. Under inappropriate speed we understand for example 40 km / h. in places where up to 30 km / h. can count.

Is this ridiculous?

A great many people find it ridiculous to write off fines to drivers for example 40 km / h. drive in place of the prescribed 30 km / h. One does not understand why people act so severe while the government on the other hand adopts a so lax compared with real criminals.

Sharpen our awareness

However, what is striking is that everyone agrees that inappropriate speed is a problem in their own neighborhood, in their own environment, and it makes even noise pollution, but that opinion no longer matters do once they themselves get behind the wheel.
Few people are aware of why speed limits and do not think about the consequences of their irresponsible driving. Rather, it fulminates against the rigid and unreasonable traffic rules like that are just meant to limit them in their freedom.

The consequences

What we especially remember the possible consequences when it comes to an accident. If a pedestrian is struck at a speed of 30 km / h. person concerned dies in 5% of cases. Is the speed 45 km / h. succumbs already 45% of people hit while at 65 km / h. 85% of victims do not survive. As you drive faster in urban areas one point will increase the accident risk considerably.


In order that the average driver to do some attention to his driving IBSR launched an awareness campaign to the speed limits in built-up enforcement capacity. In addition to posters and radio and television spots under the rubric of ?? You know why ?? Police received to ensure the rigorous instruction on driving in urban areas. Research has remains that the size of the risk of being caught also affects the discipline of the driver.
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As fast guy said it's one big treasure chest. I totally agree that you are in a 30 km / h area also no faster than 30 to drive, but they are here but zelde to never check. They are the most in A and N roads, which do not normally find pedestrians. conclusion a fraud


If it would just go on the road, I can show understanding. But his concern is collecting money and not for the sake of safety. No one knows yet how fast you can drive true. All your attention is given to the signs, here 30, then 50 and now 70 bit then 90 etc ... flashes are always held in places where there is no danger nor where many accidents happen. She stands in places where the risk of being caught is greatest. Add to this that the speed limits are not in proportion to the infrastructure and you quickly realize that the pure cash, cash that is important. Credibility is looking far and honesty feeling has long been nonexistent.