Advice when purchasing electric bike

Contemporary there is a big increase in sales of electric bikes. But where exactly should you look for when buying? And what is the great advantage of an electric bike? This article talks you fully.

The electric bicycle

Previously, the electric bicycle according to many only attractive for the elderly. Today, the electric bike has however respect aroused in all age categories. After all, you can quickly bring bicycles, you have less headwinds and it is easier to take longer distances. If you live in a hilly area? This too is an electric bike no problem, after you kick with much greater ease up! But where exactly should you look for when buying? And what are now the best-selling electric bikes contemporary? This article will give you more clarity in both.

History of the electric bike

The first electric bike is still not so long. The late 80s the spartamet made his appearance and was thus ahead of its time. The bike had an auxiliary engine that ensured that cycling was facilitated. A few years later the Rivolt, but this bike was struggling with veeel problems that it never became a great success. It took until 1998 before eventually there came a major breakthrough in the electric bikes. Yamaha has then developed a technology which has subsequently been adopted by many manufacturers. Sparta then came up with the Ion bike, the bike that the development of the electric bicycle in the Dutch market has been accelerated.

The electric bike today

Electronic bicycles are becoming lighter, stronger, more durable and above all they have nowadays better battery ?? s. Nowadays there are even electric bikes specifically designed for school children. The improvements in the battery ?? s has ensured that the range of the electric bike is greatly increased. In addition, the charging time is shortened and the bike has a longer life. Electric bikes are legal limits to ensure safety. Thus, the engine power assistance is set at a maximum of 25 km / h where you can still bite rapping for more speed.

What to look for when buying?

When purchasing an electric bicycle, it is important to take into account the following characteristics:
  • Charging time for the battery
  • The range of the battery
  • The bicycle is economical in energy consumption?
  • The degree of support
  • Maneuverability and stability
  • The weight of the bike
  • The bike's braking distance
  • Sound of the auxiliary engine
  • The number of gears
  • Battery removable or not?
  • The service life of the battery

The above features are critical when buying an electric bike. It is also recommended to consult the internet for test reports. In addition, it is important that you actually seen the bike before you even think about buying. After all, every bike has a different seat and is in advance not say which is ideal for you.

Other features that need attention

The frame size of the cycle is generally very important. Even when buying an electric bike, a bike that is indeed often more expensive than a regular ?? ?? bicycle, it is obviously very important. In addition, it is very important to the type of battery, Li-ion battery, for example, ?? s have the disadvantage that they are often expensive and are only ?? ?? chargeability have a maximum of 500 to 750 times. Contemporary also exist, however, LifePo4 ?? s-battery which can be recharged up to 1,500 times and thus have a much longer life.