Aircraft cleaning

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Always wanted to have a special appeal? There is a diploma that is recognized nationally: aircraft cleaning diploma. Do you want to work as a cleaner of airplanes and want to know how an airplane cleaning is done?

Aircraft Cleaning Diploma

Students from Amsterdam Kigmaschool, these are students who have difficulty learning, can bring a real aircraft cleaning diploma. This started as an idea when a student wanted to be cleaner aircraft. But the requirements are often high for training. After some consultation between school and cleaning, were allowed to work interns at Schiphol to clean aircraft.


Who Schiphol wants to work to clean aircraft, will have to register first with a cleaning company. These cleaners are often in the vicinity of Schiphol. But also through an agency can search for a cleaning job at Schiphol. It is also possible to make in order to clean at a smaller airport aircraft. Look for employment agencies or cleaning companies in the vicinity of the airport.
Do you want to be adopted at the airport, then there are requirements for. Often they prefer to SVS cleaning certificate, but not always. Furthermore, it should not have been in contact with police / justice, so have no criminal record. This is being investigated by the Royal Military Police. You should be continued living in the vicinity of Schiphol.

Aircraft cleaning

Most planes are not so long on the ground, so speed is a requirement. For airplanes that are longer on the ground, are often also used the trainees, which may take a little longer to do.
The cleaning of an aircraft begins with the road work of all the waste. Both in the bins as what is on the ground or on the seats. The chairs are cleaned and the floor. The paper towels over the head to be replaced. Used blankets, pillows and headsets also be replaced. Television and luggage racks are cleaned. The kitchen is cleaned and the toilets get a thorough turn. The cockpit is also cleaned, with no single button can be touched.
The outside of the airplane is also cleaned. Especially the windows of the pilots have to be clean. This therefore always be thoroughly addressed. Sometimes the dirty slides are taken out, polished, and re-used. Thorough cleaning of aircraft is done in a big team to speed. A plane is always cleaned before it again enters the air, both the inside and the outside.
Who works as an air cleaner will notice that the work ranges from quiet to busy: one moment you're running and flying a plane to take off time, the next moment you have nothing to do at all. Then you wait until the next plane arrives.