Aircraft Manufacturers

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Besides Airbus and Fokker there are dozens more aircraft manufacturers, started most of which as a very small company. This article describes other known aircraft manufacturers with a short but catchy description.

Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Airbus
  • Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co
  • Boeing
  • Bombardier
  • British Aerospace
  • Cessna
  • Diamond Aircraft Industries
  • Dornier
  • Breeder
  • Junkers
  • Lockheed
  • Messerschmitt
  • Saab
  • Tupolev


Airbus SAS is an aircraft manufacturer that was founded in 1970. It was a joint venture between Aerospatiale and Deutscher Aerospace. The first plane was Airbus A300 which was delivered in 1972.

Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co

Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co is a German glider manufacturer. 115 workers are employed and on average 90 to 100 gliders produced each year.


Boeing is one of the best-known aircraft manufacturers and the largest in Amrika. Boeing has many well-known type of aircraft that are in the air every day, including for the transport of passengers. Boeing was also made much prominence after World War II with new designs that led to a revolution.


Bombardier is a Canadian manufacturer of aircraft founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier. The company also builds railway and has a division that specializes in financial services. It employs about 64 600 people.

British Aerospace

British Aerospace is an aerospace company in Great Britain. The company was founded in 1977 after the British Aircraft Corporation, Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Hawker Siddeley Dynamics and Scottish Aviation were joined by the British government.


Cessna is a US manufacturer of small single engine aircraft to business jets. The company is located in Wichita. The company was founded in 1911, when Clyde Cessna built a plane with wood and canvas.

Diamond Aircraft Industries

Diamond Aircraft Industries is an aircraft manufacturer from Austrian. In 1981, Wolf Hoffmann began in Friesach with a company that began with the production of the H36 Dimona motor glider. In 1985 this business through SGP AG overgnomen and they began the Dimona MK II.


Dornier is a German factory that makes aircraft among others. Especially famous for its flying boats, which can start only on water and land.


Fokker is perhaps called one of the most famous aircraft factories after the founder Anthony Fokker. Antony begins around 1910 with the construction of its first real plane. This aircraft was christened the "Fokker Spin". This Fokker became famous when he flew for demonstration laps around the Grote Kerk in Haarlem on August 31, 1911.


Junkers, a German aircraft manufacturer best known for the Ju-87 dive bomber from World War II. The company was founded by Hugo Junkers in Dessau in 1895 as a factory for boilers. Junkers is still part of the German aircraft industry.


Lockheed is an American aerospace company founded by brothers Allen and Malcolm Loughead. From this mini business was a giant aircraft industry. During World War II, Vega Aircraft acquired which Lockheed was given access to two huge factories.


Messerschmitt was a German aircraft from World War II. The Messerschmitts were the main German fighters of the war.


Saab is more famous for the car brand than as vlieftuigfabrikant from Sweden. In 1937 Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget start a factory for military aircraft. After World War II, the choice was drawing near for making cars.


Tupolev is a Russian aircraft manufacturer based in Moscow. The company emerged from the design bureau of Andrei Tupolev, which was launched on October 22, 1922, the company specializes in the design and construction of aircraft.