Annelies Ilena KW174 ?? the ship from hell

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The KW174 Annelies Ilena is the largest fishing trawler in the world. It is a factory ship in which the fish is caught not only but also processed. Aboard his cold stores where the fish is kept frozen until it is in the harbor. Annelies Ilena sails under the Dutch flag and is shipping Parleviet & Van der Plas from Valkenburg South Holland.


KW 174 Annelies Ilena

Annelies Ilena sails under the Dutch flag and is part of the fleet of company Parleviet & Van der Plas. The ship was built in 1985 in Tacoma Boatbuilding in Washington as a burning ship. Construction was halted at the time because of financial difficulties of the yard, but probably also because of a new law that was passed in the US so no dirt could be more burnt on a ship. The hull was later reduced to Mjellem & Karlson in Bergen as a trawler. The ship is longer than 55 meters and such large vessels may fish in the waters of the US. The Annelies Ilena, who was called up to the acquisition by P & P at 2007 Atlantic Dawn, was more than 112 meters long. It was built in 1997 in Bremerhaven, extended to 144 meters and includes two new Wärtsilä engines with a total of 13.382 hp. British Sea Fishing website calls the ship The ship from hell.
Photo Willem Oldenburg Annelies Ilena
  • Dutch flag
  • Type Trawler
  • Gross Tonnage 14 055 t
  • 144.6 meters long
  • 24 meters wide
  • built in 2000
  • Port Katwijk aan Zee
  • Shipping company Parleviet & Van der Plas.

Factory ship

The Annelies Ilena is a fish processing vessel also called factory ship is named. On board all facilities for processing and freezing of fish. They are, as it were automated and enhanced versions of the former whalers. The whalers processed the whale on board until oil and more useful products. The carcass remained at sea behind. The ships were so efficient that whale stocks declined. This now threatens to happen with the super trawlers and fish stocks. Especially Russia, Japan, USA and Korea make use of super trawlers. Netherlands up with her cash in the Annelies Ilena. The 144 meter long Annelies Ilena is the biggest of all. The ship can handle up to 350 tons of fish per day and burned while 3000 tons of fuel. There can be 7000 tons of sorted and frozen catches are stored on the ship. Onboard help when unloading trucks.


They fish with long lines where automatic bait is hung on. The lines can be quickly lowered into the water. Every day there are thousands of hooks launched. The fishing is a continuous activity of 24 hours a day. The super trawlers usually a period of six weeks. Fished is in the North Sea, Bay of Biscay, around England and Ireland in the West African waters, Pacific pelagic and groundfish:
  • whiting
  • herring
  • horse mackerel
  • cod
  • saithe
  • mackerel
  • redfish
  • herring
  • sprat
  • argentine
  • sardine


Commercial fish processing vessels have great influence on the birds, fish, schildpadden-, dolphin and whale stocks. Their method they catch entire schools of pelagic fish away and they have a lot of catch. A scientific study in 2006 revealed that fish stocks through this super fisheries worldwide to collapse. The stocks will drop to a dramatic level in fifty years. With catches overfishing is not only disastrous for the species that is fished but also for marine mammals and birds. The global fishing fleet was in 2013 about 250 percent greater than it would be to speak of sustainable fisheries.


Parleviet & Van der Plas BV and its German subsidiary company Euro - Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH and German Ocean Frozen Fish Handelsgesellschaft mbH incidentally fish with the MSC label. The Marine Stewardship Council was founded in 1996 by the WWF, along with Unilever. Fish with MSC certification is a recognition of the responsible management of fisheries, which meets environmental requirements and quotas. Along with the improvement of fishing methods and research into fish stocks, overfishing be prevented.
The fleet of Parleviet & Van der Plas
  • Annie Hillina ROS 170
  • Dirk Diederik KW 172
  • Annelies Ilena 174 KW
  • Margiris KL 855
  • Nida KL 759
  • Jan Maria BX 791
  • Maartje Theadora ROS 171
  • Helen Mary ROS 785
  • Gerda Maria ROS 786
  • Arctic Warrior H176
  • Marbella H771
  • Farnella H135
  • Atlantic Peace BX 786


On November 22, 2013, the biggest stern trawler ?? the net is hauled over a fence - Annelies Ilena in the news because the ship was boarded by the Irish Navy. The Irishmen suspected violations of fisheries legislation. The ship was about 100 miles north west of Tory island off Co Donegal boarded and ordered to follow to the port of Killybegs. The Irish know the ship well, since this port has also been home to the trawler. The Irish Sea Fisheries Protection Authority and police were involved in the investigation. Irish navy entert more ships during inspections.
On November 25, 2013 is clear what made the ship borne: the captain is suspected of highgrading, fisheries according to the principle of ?? cut the best and leave the rest ??: only take the best fish and the rest overboard to kieperen stay within your quota. Undersized fish, fish with the minimum legal size, is then thrown overboard. The owner raises the accusation of hand. The Annelies Ilena fished nearly 200 kilometers above Ireland in the European allowable catch quota for horse mackerel. The fish are destined for the African market. On November 26 the Annelies Ilena could leave the port of Killybegs. The ship made its journey down and left for the fishing grounds in West Ireland. The shipowner had to pay a bail of 250,000 euros. The lawsuit followed on December 10, 2013.

Parlevliet & Van der Plas

The headquarters of Parlevliet & Van der Plas is located in Valkenburg. In the port of IJmuiden are cold stores where the frozen fish is stored in the trawler and from which place international transport. In Harderwijk Parlevliet & Van der Plas has a factory for the processing of herring and herring products. The shipowner also has offices, cold stores and factories in Bremerhaven and Rügen, the Euro-Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH, one of the most advanced fish processing companies in the world. In England there is an office in Hull under the name UK Fisheries Ltd. In Latvia Parlevliet & Van der Plas has a daughter enterprise mix: Atlantic High Sea Fishing Company.
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When you talk about tons seems much soon. However, on the sea you see a ship of no return and a plaice is still many times groter.Hoop good stories but with the quota law, which also falls under the KW174, all fishing from the government is checked and in agreement with the files. Each year, adjusted and therefore has nothing to do with empty fishing.


Dear Alex Mol, there was indeed a time Ilona, ​​and that's another boat. According to my information goes down in history as described on the Annelies Ilena.Met regards, Jane


According using me under the heading "174 KW Annelies Ilena" two different ships jumble. Throughout history as you describe, which is about a different boat.