Approvals coaches and taxis ?? s

Also thanks to the Foundation Quality Mark Coach Company takes quality and safety of transport by coach from year to year. This applies to recreational, tourist and business travel. For passengers it means an additional guarantee when crossed with a recognized company. Those guarantees are a number of areas such as comfort, service, good insurance, compliance with laws and regulations, professional competence and safety. Besides a hallmark for coaches, there is a taxi ?? s.

Purpose and cooperation

Foundation Quality Mark Coach Company has existed since 1994 and was founded by KNC Busvervoer. The foundation aims to monitor the quality of traveling with a coach. Cooperation is undertaken by the foundation or in close contact with various organizations such as:
  • ANVR Bus operators
  • Coach Builders from the RAI Vereniging
  • Coach Entrepreneurs united in Royal Dutch Transport
  • ILT
  • KLPD
  • RDW
  • Foundation FSO / STO
  • VVN

Application process mark

The request for the certificate will be reviewed by a special committee. The members of that committee have no business interests in the motor coach industry. They deal with the application on the data from which can be derived to what company it is. Appealing against the decision of the commission may initially by that committee and may be appealed to an independent appeals.

Conditions for mark

To become a mark holder must satisfy a number of conditions including:
With the skills of the staff friendliness should be paramount. The competence is expressed largely in the possession of the necessary papers and diploma ?? s.
Technical inspections
The coaches used to be a quality product par excellence in connection with the safety and comfort. Technical inspections by the Department of Road Transport are required so the coach passenger can travel with peace of mind.
The rules on driving times and rest periods must be strictly adhered to as well as other regulations that apply. Here, too, the government ensured by controls carried out by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate.
Other regulations are included in the applicable collective agreement.
Obviously, a company should be adequately insured.

Sticker as recognition

Or a coach company has the label can be verified by the customer. Next to the entrance door at the side of the driver must be located a numbered sticker as well as to the rear of the coach. That sticker should be for the current year. Also carry all the companies with the quality mark, the company shield of the foundation and be in possession of one year certificate with a logo that can also serve as proof of ownership of the mark.

TX-Keur as an additional guarantee for taxi ?? s

TX Adopt a certification for taxi ?? s. Owning a TX-Keur may be a reason enabling clients to choose the transport contract for a particular transport company. Customers can be confident that they are transported in a safe and comfortable way by a company that owns the mark.
Annual checks
The enduring value of a once won mark is guaranteed by annual audits and continuous between checks on the street and in hospitals, schools and institutions where many taxi ?? s come.
Hauliers with a mark fulfills a number of requirements that make them reliable. It is driven by skilled drivers in cars ?? s strict safety requirements. Drivers are also regularly trained and are friendly and customizable.
Or a carrier in possession of a mark can be identified by a blue sticker required is attached right on the windshield.