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You bought a car in Germany and want to enter it in the Netherlands, to a Dutch registration certificate for getting here so that you can create your public road use. About how this input and is applying for a Dutch registration certificate in his work, you can find useful information here.

Transport of a German car to Netherlands

The first thing that needs to happen is for the auto transport to the Netherlands. There are some possibilities, which are further described below.
Transport of the car with another vehicle
The easiest way in terms of procedures, is to transport the vehicle with another vehicle. This may be an ambulance car, a car trailer or a car and trailer. Please choose in the latter case, the maximum permissible weight of vehicle and trailer and when to apply it have the license E. When one of these options, you can use the car after purchase without transport formality to your home address, garage or directly to the RDW inspection station. The costs of transport vary widely. When you collect the car with a trailer, this is a very cheap way. You can go with a car and trailer on the road to look at the car purchase, and after buying again loaded the car on the trailer home. When you turn on a conveyor which transports the car with an ambulance car or truck, you have to count on a minimum rate of 0.45 Euro per kilometer for some distance, but can reach up to 0.85 euro per kilometer for the return distance .
Self-drive car to Netherlands
One option that many choose is the self drive back of the purchased vehicle. Before that, however there are some formalities. A minimum requirement to regulate this is that their car AU and HU is approved! To own car to drive to the Netherlands, you have to arrange the next after the purchase:
  • You need to close at least one liability insurance with limited duration, which in any case must go before you get it Ausfuhrkennzeichen. You get after taking out the insurance a Versicherungs-Doppelkarte, you already when applying for the Ausfuhrkennzeichen must be able to show. This insurance allows you online enrollment beforehand, but also with an insurer that is found near a so called Kfz Zulassungsstelle. Count on a figure of between 30 and 80 euros for a short-term insurance, for example, 14 days. If you want an all-risk insurance, you can be in the Netherlands for many insurers shutdown based on the chassis number.
  • You need to arrange a Ausfuhrkennzeichen. You can choose the duration itself, but by default is normally elected for 14 days. To get a Ausfuhrkennzeichen must go to a Strassenverkehrsamt or Kfz Zulassungsstelle. Here you have to show a valid identity document, you should consult the complete car papers and you must present a valid AU and HU reports and a Versicherungs-Doppelkarte. When everything is in order, then you get a Ausfuhrkennzeichen. A Ausfuhrkennzeichen cost around 40 euros.
  • Then you can let make license plates belonging to the Ausfuhrkennzeichen at Kfz Zulassungsstelle. Count on about 30 to 40 euros for the making of the plates. These plates are white with black print on the right and have a red vertical band including the expiry date.
  • Finally you mount the plates on the car and at the Kfz Zulassungsstelle checked the car or the car that belongs to the car documents, so that the correct VIN. Also done a little technical inspection of the car before you are allowed to drive off. However, please note the following: to drive about the car Zulassungsstelle by car, the car may not yet be opted by those which you bought it! With an already checked-out car because there may not be driven on public roads.

The further away from the Dutch border

Officially you are allowed in the Netherlands as Dutch do not come on the road with the German Stock Ausfuhrkennzeichen. The reason for this is that you as a Dutchman with a car drives on public roads on which no BPM has been paid yet. When the customs you persist, they will point you to the duty to carry out BPM. If you, however, held on the direct route to the place of purchase of the vehicle home or RDW inspection station, and you indicated that you import including paying BPM going to settle, you'll be there with a warning to stop. Once you are home, you need a car or put on private property and you may not live to see it ride until you have a Dutch license. An exception is also one-day registration allows you to drive on the day of the RDW inspection to go to the RDW.

MOT-test and requests from the Dutch vehicle

You German cars in the Netherlands, but you still get a Dutch license for you to start riding. From the moment you have the Dutch license plate, the car tax is automatically and in addition, you yourself must ensure that the vehicle is adequately insured. A Dutch license you ask at the RDW. You must drive to a RDW inspection of your choice, where the data is checked by the car. For the day of the test you can actually apply for a one-day badge, which allows you to enter the car from your house to the RDW inspection station can drive. The appointment can be made easily via the website of the RDW. Is the identity check everything is in order, then the car is registered in the vehicle registration. When the car is older than three years, the mandatory MOT can incidentally also import controls are done by the RDW. After the RDW inspection has taken place, you should go BPM declaration to the declaration point in the testing. A few days after the payment of BPM, you'll receive your registration and you can make let the plates. Fun to drive!
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I would like to know about what it takes to get a motorcycle license plate on ie it is a light engine of 125 cc which I can buy in France? Hope you can give a target price vr gr FG Berends.


In Germany the owner loves his badge, so it may well be that a previous owner again used the license plate. In Germany, the chassis number, the identification of the vehicle. The chassis number must be of course unique. Importing a vehicle receives a Dutch registration.


I have a camper purchased in Germany to purchase all the songs and papers checked and everything was fine at the inspection at rdw elsloo appeared to be in Germany more so around the same registration drive now i am Wednesday to police stein Research warned seems everything is in order, there can always be something awry my question is what can we do about this and what the consequences might be? I honestly bought it anyway with all accounts