Auto: the scrapping premium

Since the beginning of 2009, the Netherlands scrapping premium. People who buy a new car and return the old car get a discount on the purchase of the new car. These regulations come from the United States and Germany. The Dutch government does this to stimulate the economy and to prevent that too much car dealer go bankrupt. Read all about it in this article. Since the beginning of the year, it is possible to obtain a premium for scrapping vna cars. This measure finds its origin in the United States and soon afterwards in Germany. Because of the credit crisis, sales were in cars significantly. In America threatened to bankrupt several well-known brands, such as Ford. Therefore, the US government called for the scrapping premium in life. It not only ensures that the US auto industry temporarily through the difficult period is over, but it also prevents many layoffs. The economy continues to progress, because there is still money is spent.

Scrapping premium in Netherlands

Also awarded in Germany the premium since the end of 2008. Germany is also a country with a large automotive industry. Known brands such as Volkswagen come from there. Following the success in Germany and America Netherlands also has the scrappage scheme created. Again went because many car dealers bankrupt. The scrappage scheme is part of a broader package to stimulate the economy. The premium is as follows: owners of an old car can get back an amount of 750 to 1750 euro when they submit it and buy a new or young used cars at a dealership. This makes it attractive for many people to buy a car. Precisely because of the crisis, many people keep their money in their pockets. The auto industry association BOVAG therefore pleased responded to the measures.

Height scrappage

There are several factors that determine the extent of the amount you get back. Cars usually deliver between 750 and 1000 euros. For vans involves an amount of between 750 and 1750 euros. Through the site can find more information and can calculate exactly how much you get back. For cars with a petrol engine for 1990 you get 750 euros. When the year is between 1990 and 1996, you will get back $ 1,000. For a car with a diesel engine, you get back $ 1,000. This car must then be for the year 2000.

Scrapping premium for pickup

A van with diesel engine, built before 2000 and a curb weight of 1800 kg or less has a scrapping bonus of 1,000 euros. When the empty weight is more than 1800 kilos, you will get back 1750 euros. You must then buy a car built after 1 januarii 2001 and which has a diesel engine equipped with a particulate filter. Also, it must be that the APK of the car at least three months is valid. This rule has been inserted to prevent people pick at random cars from the scrap heap, in order to get to the scrapping premium into account.