Automatic bicycle rack: No force is required

The automatic fieste wear: older people or people who want to do often sometimes a little bike ride disabilities. In a different environment. But putting the bike on the bike rack was often impossible for them. The automatic bicycle carrier puts an end to that. The automatic bike carrier is the solution.

Fully automated bicycle rack with remote control

Jos Kamphuis from Geldings invented the bicycle rack fully automated with remote control. The product has Ergomatic and remotely controlled by a remote. Moreover, the Ergo Matic is foldable and fits in the trunk that has only a little size. The auto bicycle carrier is also on wheels verrrijdbaar so as not to force only needs to arrive. In a few seconds the device is attached to the towbar.

How does the automatic bike carrier?

  • Once the unit on the car is the driver operates the remote control. With a simple push of a button, two bicycles without anyone anything to have to do lifting.
  • It lowered so that it can be used for cycling is just as simple.
  • Moreover, tilting the carrier, so someone still can just grab what from the trunk.
  • No tapes need to be used to secure the wheels of the bike and it also means that no one need bellies or sit down.
  • The wheels are locked instead of a whole new system.
  • However, a lighting plug into the socket of the towing device must be plugged

  • Which bikes Ergomatic is appropriate?

    The Ergomatic is suitable for all types of bikes, but also especially for the heavier electric bikes.

    The implementation of the automatic bicycle carrier

    There is only one version of the automatic bicycle rack for sale, but there are more models. The device is not cheap. It costs 949 euros.
    Who wants to see the auto bicycle carrier even at the website: Automatic bicycle carrier
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