Autorijles - Declaration and rules from A / Z

Autorijles statement and rules from A to Z. That participation in traffic much of the road user demands will be no surprise. This article -alfabetisch gerangschikte- keywords from the Dutch language with lessons, signs, making traffic and traffic perception have. The keywords have a brief reference to the driving lessons and situations in traffic or traffic laws and signs. If possible, you will find a direct link to relevant traffic articles.

Citing articles about lessons and traffic

Within the Dutch language of terms that have to do with the movement often described differently or less extensive than in the driving training is the case. Within the alphabet I have described is made far as is applicable to an article in traffic site. In these traffic items will find more information about the subject that you come in a car driving lessons, or in everyday traffic picture.

Auto A t / m Z

Trailer: wagon pulled by a predecessor - see RVV 1990 - Article 1 for the definition and trailer - size - charge for the required license, loading etc.
Drive: Shaft drive - will drive forces on the rear wheels
Blower: do go faster ?? provides ventilation / heating in the car - see Warning lights in the car
Lying: lying beside it ?? bicycle paths, roads and similar
Adjacent: adjacent ?? residential area, road
Drag: drag further ?? tow rope, up to five meters long - see Traffic Knowledge test
Connecting: immediately follow each other ?? file, keep your distance and stay alert
Connections: exchange points between motorways and highways - go up or leave - see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Liability insurance: liability for damage caused to third parties ?? WA is required
Areas: whose house is situated on the - most common in closed statement, board C1
ABS: Anti Blokker system - protection from locking during heavy braking
Acceleration: acceleration ?? pull up, get up to speed
Accessories: related issues ?? beautification, pimping
Battery: Battery ?? power supply, power buffer - see Vehicle Inspection
Rear: in or on the rear part ?? belt obligation also applies there ?? in-principle for all occupants
Rear Heating: filament heating rear window of the car - see Vehicle Inspection
Reverse: backwards ?? is a special maneuver, so all let go traffic
Rearview mirror: mirror to see traffic behind them ?? most commonly used mirror every 5 to 8 seconds - see viewing habits in the car
Additive: added substance ?? additions in fuels
Downhill: go down ?? see traffic J7 and Traffic Netherlands
Disapprove: unsuitable explain ?? MOT. Look for cars and maintenance for: Depreciation and auto data
Dimensions: read the maximum dimensions of vehicles and their dimensions: Vehicles, maximum dimensions and load
Braking: reduce speed ?? stopping distance = reaction time + braking distance
Ride off: exam at the CBR
Depreciation: Look what your car depreciates at: Depreciation and auto data
Stalling: change direction - for sorting, short curve goes for long curve - see Turn signal use thereof
Aggression: attack ?? Try to stay calm in traffic
Airbag: plofzak - provides protection to occupants during heavy collisions
Air conditioning: installation of which the temperature and the quality of the air in the car is well maintained
All-risk: insurance including all risk ?? s ?? see also liability insurance = WA
Ambulance: trolley for transportation of sick and injured people and animals ?? See RVV 1990 - Article 1 For the definition
Fear: fear ?? exams. Excellent book is about ?? driving test anxiety, Ard Nieuwenbroek & Piet Gielis ??
Anticipation: looking ahead, thinking ahead - you set potential, anticipated events - see viewing habits in the car
Antifreeze: liquid to safeguard the cooling water for bevriesingsgevaar - see Vehicle Inspection
Asstreep: divides the lane intended for traffic in both directions - see Dutch roads - recognition and lines
Attitude: attitude ?? determines to a large extent your behavior in the car
Auto: Automotive
Auto Density: relative amount of car ?? s in a specific area ?? traffic, traffic intensity
Autogas: Petroleum ?? LPG fuel
Seat belts: safety belt in the car - both front and rear
Dispenser: self-acting
Car accident: accident with car ?? Prevent this by 3 to 4 second rule - see Afdekongeval and Traffic - How to act
Motorway see traffic G1 and G2 ?? speed vehicles 120 km. per hour - see Insert-Spreading-Highway and RVV 1990 - Article 1
Motorway see traffic G3 and G4 ?? speed vehicles 100 km. per hour - see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Job Separation: separation driving directions by middengelijder or roadside - see Dutch roads - recognition and lines
Bakfiets: Order bike ?? See moped tricycle - RVV 1990 - Article 1
Band: rubber ring for wheel ?? car tire, a minimum of 1.6 mm tread on the main groove is required - see Vehicle Inspection
Bar: Press unit of 10 newtons per m2 ?? At the car plus minus 2.2 bar, see vehicle control
Markings: Marking - designate particular situation for guiding, warning - see Dutch roads - recognition and lines
Area: built-up ?? motor vehicles up to 50 km. per hour, see traffic H1 - see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Beke Hours: verbaliseren- violation
Load: load ?? roof load rack, bullet burden trailer or caravan
Berm: grass strip along way ?? think of losing tire grip
Intoxicated: drunk ?? starting driving license 0 0.2%, other 0.5% 0
Deciding: determining behavior - see Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Driving forward ?? vehicle control
Signage: The signposts ?? see signs K Series - Dutch traffic signs
Intervention: apply change of course
Trailer: trailer ?? See RVV 1990 - Article 1
Black Spot: situation where more accidents occur on average, than in similar situations
Block marking: on the road surface sign with signaling function - see Nederlanse roads - recognition and lines
Bend recognition: recognizing, assessing a turn determines behavior, speed - see viewing habits in the car
Bend backwards: outstanding achievement in the CBR: bend backwards - special maneuver CBR
Bend Shields: additional marking to indicate the course of the road
Penalty: money punishment ?? See summon
Carts: not sprung car ?? Best known as strandkar
Greenhouse effect: global warming by forming much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
Brommer: moped ?? See Scooter / moped theory
Microcar: canopied four-wheeled moped ?? See RVV 1990 - Article 1
Moped: the model of a moped scooter ?? see also moped RVV 1990 - Article 1
Bridge: connection over depths ?? part of the road
Outside the village: end of the village - see traffic H2 and Dutch roads - recognition and lines
Bulldozer: tracked vehicle to level ground ?? one of the 25 km. vehicles,
Tailgating: too close behind another car ride ?? See Top 10 Annoyance in traffic
Bus: bus ?? See RVV 1990 - Article 1
Bus lane: lane in which the word "BUS'of 'SCHEDULED BUS' is aangebracht- is separated from the road
Bus lane: marked part of carriageway where 'BUS'of' LIJNBUS '- part of the road
Special maneuver: exam at the CBR component: special maneuvers - Practical exam at the CBR
Special operations: part practical CBR: Other special operations
Camper: camper ?? license depending on weight plus payload of the vehicle
Bodywork: bodywork of the car
Caravan: by car pulled small luxury caravan ?? See trailer RVV 1990 - Article 1
Carpooling: the groupwise driving to and from work ?? protects the environment, reduces traffic congestion
Centrifugal force: centrifugal force - handling, loss of control
Chassis: chassis of the car with engine
Arc: the actual curve - comes after transition arc and before nabocht
Horn: car horn ?? use to avert imminent danger - see Vehicle Inspection
Column: parade ?? see military column RVV 1990 - Article 1
Day: the time between sunrise and sunset ?? see daytime running lights on vehicles
Dashboard instrument panel in vehicle ?? See Vehicle Inspection
Part 1A, 1B and II: registration of vehicles ?? Part 1A and 1B carry with you
Part Stripes: markering- markings, especially in darkness and bad weather - see Dutch roads - recognition and lines
Defensive driving: anticipating, thinking ahead - see New Driving
Damper: silencer ?? must be airtight, APK requirement
Diagonal: vertex line ?? type band
Diesel: working with diesel engine explosion
Low beam: most exterior lighting - see Feeding lights on the car
Blind spot: imperceptible part of the road to look in the mirrors - see viewing habits in the car
Dolly: mobile and agile chassis ?? Rear example tow truck
Death, dying ?? nearly 800 fatalities per year is too many
Main road: highway without inserting and deceleration lanes - see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Pass-through Method control method compared overpakmethode
Three-point belt: three point seatbelt attached ?? requires both front and rear
Drugs: drugs ?? out of the question in traffic
Dynamo: charges batteries and provides power - see Vehicle Inspection
Emergency Kit: drum with material for the provision of first aid - see Traffic - how to act
Empathy: empathize with others ?? social traffic
Energy: fuel consumption ?? see new ride
Erf: grounds at a house ?? to enter and exit all traffic to let go, special maneuver - see special maneuver CBR 2008
Annoyance: offense ?? See Top 10 Annoyance in traffic
Parallel: spaced evenly apart running ?? in this connection paths
Examiner: he or she who declines exam
E-way: motorway through Europe
Test anxiety: fear of doing it wrong ?? see recommended for anxiety
Feedback: feedback, relaying information ?? example within evaluation of lessons
Cycling: bicycle ?? relatively weak road users
File: long queue of stationary or slow-moving vehicles
Flank: on one side ?? See Afdekongeval
Safety camera: pole with electronic systems to capture traffic violations
Overpass: junction of roads that have been constructed over one another
Phobia: irrational fear ?? see and test anxiety
Commuter: those who live outside the place where he works ?? Commuting
Go: move forward ?? all road users
Gallop: trot with jumps ?? especially horses in traffic startle!
Gas tank: metal shell for gas ?? LPG, clean and cheap
Gestures: gestures ?? thus providing clarity to other road users
Mandatory carriage: a command indicating traffic ?? See Traffic Netherlands
Behavior: how people behave ?? traffic behavior, attitude
Danger: risk of accident ?? see signs J-series Traffic Netherlands
Hazard: essential part of driving: Hazard - Traffic Theory
Warning triangle: to turn off warning of breakdown triangle ?? at approximately 30 meters
Authority: Authority ?? police, municipality, province, state
Slippery: slippery ?? both frost, wet roads and after a period of drought ??. Attention! - See Winter and driving
Gravel road: gravel road ?? flying stones, skidding
Great light: light on car ?? Feeding see lights on the car
Rush: rush ?? in traffic is rarely good
Act: do ?? one of the five task processes ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Pushcart: duwkar unstrung = car = driver
Lift bridge: bridge can be lifted horizontally ?? bridge open, help the environment, engine off!
Heeling test: which one should let the car stop and start in a slope
Re-examination: prolonged exam ?? resit at the CBR
Immobile: immobility ?? For many, transportation, mobility therefore extremely important
Imperial: luggage rack on car roof ?? think of good fixings and maximum permissible payload
Info: Information ?? city ​​maps, often to drive into urban area, urban area
Overtaking pass ?? is a special maneuver, see Traffic-Wegenverkeerswet
Entrance: the place where you are driving into ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Instructor: coach ?? the person who teaches
Interaction: reciprocal influence ?? constantly changing traffic situations with other road users
Interval: interval ?? stand on the wipers
Disabled vehicle: Vehicle for disabled ?? See the disabled vehicle RVV 1990 - Article 1
Insert: join a motorway through a separate lane at the traffic ?? see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Overdrive: improper speeding
Joyride: illegally by someone else drive
Legal: legal
Candidate: who is examined
Karr Horse: horse before the cart ?? combination driver
Plate: Plate with badges ?? must be legible and securely attached, see Vehicle Inspection
Registration: proof that the markings are correct, bearing part 1A and 1B with
Approve: investigate ?? MOT
Child Seat: safety seat for child ?? for: younger than 18 and less than 1.35 meters
Climatically: climate REGARDING ?? adapting the driving style to the weather conditions - see Winter and driving
Vowel: hard brick ?? type of paving the road
Flashing light: flashing light ?? when not working traffic lights or accent lighting in railway, bridge, tram, etc.
Junction: junction ?? obstruction of traffic, where a number of roads converge
Crushable: Part of a car in an accident in which another wrinkle to break the shock
Jack: car jack, jack ?? to use when changing a flat tire
Crossroads: intersection of lines or roads ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Viewing: Seeing, observing. Of great importance in the lesauto: viewing habits in the car
Charging current: current which loads a battery ?? dynamo, see Vehicle Inspection
Charge: charging, load ?? See Trailer - size - charge
Lamp lighting tool ?? spare bulbs should be in the car
Agricultural vehicle: Vehicle for agricultural work ?? 25 km. vehicle
Career qualifications: power to teach ?? instructor certificate Autorij instructor
Public bus: bus for scheduled ?? bus, see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Social: society ?? social interests, see recognizable intersections
Maneuver: twist, action ?? See Traffic-Wegenverkeerswet
Trooper: military police ?? authorized to carry out arrests in traffic
Maximum: maximum authorized speed ?? See Traffic Netherlands
Medical: Medical ?? by driving down an EV should be completed
Centrifugal: the center leaving ?? See centrifugal
Environment: conditions for living beings ?? see article new driving
Military column: tandem riding military vehicles ?? should not cause the condition, see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Disabled: physically or mentally disabled ?? extra attention to traffic for them
Mist: thick haze ?? moderate speed, keep your distance, rear fog with visibility less than 50 meters - see Feeding lights on the car
Mobile: mobile ?? mobility for everyone is an important asset
Mobilephone: device to call wireless ?? in traffic only hands-free
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: a technique for bringing the breathing going again ?? providing assistance is required
Motor: whole body movements ?? is assessed before taking the driving test
Motor vehicle: vehicle propelled by motor ?? for motor vehicle see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Night means the period between sunset and sunrise ?? Feeding see lights on the car
Remiss: negligent ?? is often the cause of accidents
Refresher: refresher ?? possible sanction after taking the license, after a traffic hazard behavior
Nat: not dry ?? adjust driving behavior to changing weather situations
Retracing: check ?? example Data on traffic police
Navigation: steerage ?? will see introduced in 2008 at the CBR
Ignore: deny ?? Ignoring stop and whether signs
Mist-like: just mist, hazy ?? see fog
Objective: unprejudiced ?? desired behavior in traffic
Occasion: bargain ?? see many websites with offers
Exercise: The exercise, challenge
Flip: turning backwards
Unimpeded: unhindered ?? give priority = drivers provide an unobstructed passage
Indivisible: not to share ?? regulations on the transport of cargo - see trailer - size - charge
Maintenance: several articles on service see: Depreciation and auto data
Accident: disaster, accident ?? See Traffic accident - how to act
Occasional: not regulated ?? See Traffic Insight
Innocence: they are innocent ?? reverse onus collide with pedestrians and cyclists
Discouragement: policies to avoid violation ?? example speed bumps, speed cameras, average speed
Public: for each accessible ?? all roads, as far as they can not control and is not closed here
Light: brighter ?? retro-reflective surface of the road signs
Optical: face ably ?? optical narrowing of paths in order to limit the speed
Government, authorities
About Driving: from the other side drive ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Switching: in a public transport vehicle steps ?? extra attention by bus, tram and similar
Crossing: a place to stabbing about ?? often indicated by traffic from the J series - see Traffic Netherlands
Level crossing: crossing railway or tramway with an ordinary road ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Overview: oversee the ?? See Afdekongeval recognize and crossroads
Horse: solipeds large mammal ?? approaching in traffic calmly and with understanding
Parallel: parallel road ?? See parallel
Parking bay: short widened stretch of road to park
Parking disc: disk that indicates the beginning of the parking ?? Using disk
Parking space: box that indicates the limits within which must be parked
Passport photo: photo for passport ?? also bring in the theory exam
Pedal: foot lever moved ?? clutch, brake and gas
Level: height, stand ?? of liquids, see, Vehicle Control
Perception: perception ?? sensory perceptions, by which you ride and decide
Arrow: Arrow-shaped aanwijsteken ?? See Traffic Netherlands
Place: inhabited part of a space ?? mostly urban boundary, plate H1 and H2
Plan: degree of importance ?? part of assessing traffic situations
Country: land outside cities ?? relatively many dangerous roads and 25km. 80km. vehicles
Police: service for public order and safety
Float: ornamented in parade car
Practice Vision: vision driving lessons: Autorijles and practical vision
Taste: research ?? CBR test
Pylon: portable traffic cone ?? for marking a direction of travel
RVV: Traffic Rules and Signs - see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Radar: observation by radio waves ?? forbidden to install in the car
Radiator: cooler for engine ?? part of, see Vehicle Inspection
Rail: rail ?? train and tram
Law: legal regulations ?? WVW, road traffic
Straightforward: straight ahead without interruption
Right: towards or on the right ?? For drivers, see Turn signal use thereof
Relapse: repeating ?? recurrent traffic offenders
Screening: placing reuse ?? Parts of car ?? s car through rendering plants
Rule: prescription ?? traffic rules, traffic regulations, see RVV 1990 - Article 1 and Traffic Netherlands
Rain: Water drops coming down ?? adjusting traffic behavior
Rules: Regulation ?? See RVV 1990 - Article 1 and Traffic Netherlands
Stopping distance: distance at which a vehicle brakes to a stop
Brakes: braking enlarging brake part, also ABS
Draw: car shed ?? tram or bus, usually flashing red traffic light
Braking distance: distance which makes it even stopped for a vehicle with brakes
Spare Tire: tire spare ?? check the pressure regularly, see Vehicle Inspection
Roadway: job to ride ?? This is divided into lanes, see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Driving license: proof of driving ?? experienced after approximately 7 years or 100,000 km.
Driving test: test that the driving tests in respect of motor vehicles
Driving instructor, he or she gives these lessons ?? instructor certificate degree required
Lane: lane one line of cars ?? s succession for see lane
Zippers: to insert the turn onto a taxiway, see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Roundabout traffic circle around ?? See Driving Rotunda
Route: direction, away ?? with or without the aid of navigation
Windshield washer: device for spraying windows
Wiper: device to stay windshield
S-bend: two consecutive turns in the opposite direction ?? see signs J-series Traffic Netherlands
Switching: linker switch ?? gear shift
Tilt: oblique - of the vehicle, see Vehicle Inspection
Cracks: hard and reckless driving ?? irresponsible driving behavior, driver license points
Spotlight: searchlight
Scooter: low bike with small wheels ?? not to be confused with moped
Second: 1/60 minute ?? Make the 2 second rule 3 to 4 seconds for safety
Shovel: loader tracked
Signal: Signal ?? only to avert danger to yourself or others
Siren: apparatus for sound signals ?? plus optical signals has precedence vehicle
Slakkengang: very low moving speed ?? See Top 10 Annoyance in traffic
Towline: where cable is dragged something ?? maximum length 5 meters
Slippery road: danger of slipping ?? a skid course is highly recommended
Shortcut: short cut ?? see discouragement, speed bumps
Close Tree: closing tree ?? railways, bridge, park, private property
Snow chains: the drive through snow-facilitating chain
Social: social ?? social traffic, see traffic insight
SPIEGEL: object to reflect images ?? important when viewing behavior - see viewing habits i car
Spits: time when it is busiest ?? environment and 3 to 4 second rule
Rail: rail, train ?? is not subject to motor vehicles, is advanced through rails
Town Hall: town hall ?? application license
City bus: for bus transport in the city ?? late for going to stop in urban areas
Start: departure ?? See for control operations Article vehicle control
Step: scooter ?? no vehicle, because toys
Standing still: stand ?? See Parking or standing
Stop: Stand still ?? B7 road to stop the car before the stop line - see Traffic Netherlands
Steering: steering, tour ?? vehicle control
Power steering: an establishment which makes steering easier
Stuurman Art: ability mate ?? Placement on the road
Suffisant: enough ?? minimum requirement where the drive has to meet
Symbol: symbol ?? See Warning lights lesauto
Task: to perform work
Tandem: bike with two sets of pedals in succession ?? director
Tar: dark sticky substance ?? top layer of roads, asphalt, ZOAB
Oncoming: opposite ?? opposite direction, see Traffic Netherlands
Ascription: put the name ?? vehicle registration
Terrain Auto: car for difficult passable area
Speed: rpm ?? see The New Driving
Honking: use the horn ?? only to avert imminent danger
Coach: big bus for tourists ?? mostly T100 bus, trailer prohibited - see RVV 1990 - Article 1
Route: distance, lane ?? average speed on motorways
Trolleybus: on rails, but not in contact with an electric wire running coach
Sidewalk: sidewalk street
Tunnel: artificial underground or under Bergse passage
Balancing: carefully weigh ?? Adjusting tire rim by means lead
Exhaust: opening for the outlet of something ?? outlet must be sealed, APK requirement
Gas: gas escaping finished ?? environment, catalyst
Align: alignment, so put them in a track running right ?? the wheels
Exit: place where one coasting ?? See Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Save: save ?? see The New Driving
Emissions: waste that end up in the air ?? environment, particulates and CO2
Exit road: from a city center or leading away ?? also current path, distributor road - see Dutch roads - Recognition
Grouting: via the deceleration leave the main carriageway, see Insert-Spreading-Highway
Dodging: go out of the lead, unintentionally deviate from the course
Box: box ?? see article outstanding achievement vakparkeren
Safe: no danger ?? risk is reduced by defensive driving, see Understanding Traffic
Seat belt: for safety in the car to buckle strap ?? front and rear
Valve: air valve ?? See Vehicle Inspection
Change: change ?? specify when any lateral displacement direction, see Traffic-Wegenverkeerswet
Prohibition: the ban ?? See Traffic Netherlands
Dispel: scare ?? expulsion surface must not be run over
Permits: permission ?? especially regarding parking
Suspension: the feathers ?? important for handling and directional stability of the vehicle
Traffic: the move ?? all road users
Road: Main road brnachallo Traffic Brigade: crossing help ?? instructions must be followed - see Traffic controllers
A speed bump: ripples in the road surface in order to counteract thereby too high a speed
Traffic Heuvel: increase in the pavement so that the traffic around it must
Traffic light: light as a signal for traffic ?? formerly called stoplight
Road accident: accident involving traffic means ?? See Traffic accident - how to act
Roundabout: square as roads intersection, see Driving Rotunda
Traffic Table: very wide speed bump
Communications: all terms of traffic - see Traffic-Wegenverkeerswet
Traffic Column: column that indicates on which side you must pass through the column
Extend: recreate sustainable ?? driving licenses every 10 years
Decreeing: orders ?? by authority: police, gendarmerie and similar
Drag: Drag elsewhere ?? tow cable up to 5 meters
Transportation Being: all things connected with transport
Visualize: proposals as picture ?? self-reflection, evaluation traffic situations
Pedestrian: who is going to foot ?? vulnerable road users
Pedestrian: pedestrian-only area
Pedestrian crossing: crosswalk, VOP ?? let pedestrians
Beyond Gang: pass ?? overtaking, significant lateral displacement - see special maneuvers
Go ahead: the first go ?? instead of granting priority - see Priority grant or let go
For Beam: vehicle running before anyone ?? following distance, 3 to 4 second rule - see Top 10 Annoyance in traffic
Priority ?? right ?? above others ?? priority should be given you, you can not take it! - See Priority grant or let go
Priority Cross: junction with priority road ?? see signs B Series - Traffic Netherlands
Priority road: road on which drivers have priority over from side roads coming drivers
Pre-sorting: select the portion of the roadway intended for the drivers in a given direction
Predict: what can happen ?? one of the task processes - see Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Caution: cautious ?? behavior in traffic
Precaution: measure of precaution ?? actions before the start of the ride
Truck: car freight ?? up to 80 km. per hour
Fear: fear ?? tunnel fear, fear verge
Free Hold: keep open ?? track, crossings, bicycle paths, entrances and exits etc.
Blow: cause wind ?? steering, steady course
Observing: notice ?? See viewing habits in the car and Intersection-Task Recognition Processes
Warning sign: sign which warns ?? See Traffic Netherlands
Warning signal: Signal to avert imminent danger ?? horn, headlights, hazard lights
Vehicle: vehicle, car - drivers
Motion sickness: becoming sick as a result of driving
Water: get water by car. Car water - How to act
Liability insurance: insurance against the consequences of the damage caused by the data ?? minimum mandatory
Weather conditions: condition of the weather ?? requires driving behavior - see Winter and driving
Path: all public traffic open roads or paths, as well as in it lying bridges. Also, shoulders and sides are part of the road. A road is public and this 24 hours a day and use at any time,
Road surface: top layer of a road, pavement
Road network: total roads - see Dutch roads and recognition
Road user: all traffic ?? drivers and pedestrians
Handling: firmness of location and join the road ?? major influence: weather, speed, tire tread, tire pressure, state of the shock absorbers
Wegpiraat: irresponsible road user demerit points
Road traffic: traffic on the road, drivers and pedestrians
Road worker: who is working on the road ?? See Top 10 Annoyance in traffic
Law: general prescription ?? Road Traffic Act. See RVV 1990 - Article 1 and Traffic-Wegenverkeerswet
Crosswalk: by white stripes marked pedestrian crossing ?? VOP = pedestrian crossing
Self-control: control it themselves ?? not least in traffic, social traffic
Visibility: see ?? specific issues such as following distance, speed, running lights, etc. - see Feeding lights on the car
Sensory: with a sense ?? uses the information from: hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling while driving
PAC: very open asphalt concrete ?? quieter, but smoother than the classic asphalt
Crank: crank which one brings something in motion ?? old engines of vehicles