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Indicator lights symbols and vehicle knowledge. The warning lights or warning lights in the car to give -if it while driving oplichten- in any case, that "something" in or on the car not functioning properly. Research has shown that with the vehicle knowledge and the knowledge of the symbols in the car has not been too good. While knowledge of the warning lights could be important because the function where the symbols in the car are often vital. Both men and women scored poorly; Both groups did not come within the research to a sufficiently. To refresh the memory once more following the most common warning lights in the car and its functions.

Indicator lights Indicator lights in the car

If pilot lights come on, this is always a feature. Is one LED indication for service to go to the garage, with a different light could mean that by driving serious danger to the engine or compromise security.
If the warning lights illuminate while driving or remain on, you can generally say that:
  • red: always as safe as possible, stop immediately and take action
  • Orange: drive, but as soon as possible to take action to fix the problem

Additional safety features in the car

For safety and to have the car may be advisable -if of breakdown or accident to you:
  • Warning triangle
  • The most common spare bulbs
  • First-aid kit
  • Engine oil
  • Towing line
  • Fire extinguisher

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Comments (8)

The yellow light of engine lights while driving. what should I do?


The indicator of the traction control fire and someone warned me that my right rear wheel did not rotate it. Could this have to do with frost or a slippery road? Now the light is otherwise not.


I ride recently with a four-speed automatic transmission. I can stand in the + - from 1 to 4 upshifts and downshifts. In this position, the wage does not brake on the engine. The garage says this is normal, right? I should always slow in the Alps?


I actually have a question? If I put my car on the handbrake, and he later again take the light stays on. This problem is not always, sometimes he goes out as normal. Everything is in order in terms of brake fluid. Can someone help me?


Dear Ben, Maybe we go through the garage Ans.Over general you can say that a red light means "stop, do not drive further" a yellow / orange light does indicate that something is happening, but it can you usually still rijden.Heb you an instruction booklet, you also can still look up the is.Mvg advice - Sjaak


Dear Frits, which is outside my area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise; it might be wiser to stop by a garage.Mvg - Sjaak


Dear Julien, according to a fellow mechanic should decelerate the car in one or two just on the bike. Absolutely not in D, because then the car remains opschakelen.Mvg - Sjaak


Dear Harry, If everything in your brake system is in order, it seems more an electronic probleem.Daar regards the brakes, I would check it to let a garage.Succes - mvg - Sjaak