Autotuning, what is it and is it allowed?

TheZatar 30-01-2018 Auto
New, lower bumpers, spoiler on the trunk, striking colors and striping on the side of the car. Everybody has so ?? n ?? car seen driving around s, fully developed, with loud music coming from the speakers, but what exactly is tuning? Can the car ?? s just driving down the street or there are laws attached to it, and where can I find companions? This article attempts to these questions to answer.


What is tuning actually, more specifically, autotuning? Tuners are companies and individuals that car ?? s tackle and give it a sporty and striking appearance. Tuned cars can be found in varying degrees, from very light tuned to heavily tuned. Tuning is especially popular with the younger crowd, and even then the men. But this may all now just whether there are laws and regulations that guide all in the right direction?

Belgian law

In Belgium, there is not so long ago passed a law that set down in the regulations for tuning. This law has in the first place importance for the periodic vehicle inspection of the car. For there were rules about what could and could not, you could go to two testing stations with the same car and one can and can not be approved by the other. Now everything is settled and the tuner is also right in his shoes as he adheres to the guidelines given. More information about the Act can be found here.

Forums and clubs

You now know what is tuning, you have your car and you want to try it myself sometimes. But where do you start, and where to find other tuners? If you google the terms ?? tuning ?? and ?? forum ?? enter, you get quite a number of websites where you can chat online with fellow sufferers. You will also find there tips and photos ?? s other tuners.
If you do not have enough of an online forum, you can also look for a tuning club in your neighborhood. These clubs usually charge a membership fee and have to accede to certain conditions you have. These conditions usually have to do with the state of your car, or how far your car has been tuned. Almost every club organizes in the course of the season, one or more tuning tuning meetings. Here are the personal vehicles of the club as well as those of others on display.
As you could read the tuning scene is a world in itself. Whether you own your car tuned, or are just interested in looking at it, you're always welcome at the fully organized tuning meetings. Maybe we'll meet sometime. Want to know more about how to run a project, you can always depend on this blog come take a look.