Be slick car salesmen outsmarted. Buy safely!

Choosing a used car can save a lot of money. But remember: no two cars ?? s are the same. Each car has a unique history which sometimes can work in your favor and sometimes your worst nightmare worden.Hoe can you avoid buying a pig in a poke? To ward off the sweet talk of fast sellers and your own inner child, here are some tips.

Do research till you drop!

Never walk into a showroom for ?? just to see what they have ??. Sellers see those aimless look on your face and turn right into hungry wolves. They do not even see a person but a large roast chicken leg. First, look calmly at dealer sites, marketplace or auto trader to determine what type of car you want. Rummage around in forums, read reviews, compare car ?? s and check what others have paid for a comparable car. Make sure you know the weaknesses of your type occasion and what the common cost. This exploration is essential if you later want will not regret your purchase.

Do not be impulsive

If you ?? 5000 - budget have to provide a reliable and buy compact family car that drives economically and with which you can easily park in the city, do not yet take that gas-guzzling far too big but oh so beautiful American from 1995. Turn off your inner child out so that you make a wise choice and additional money left over for service if you buy the car from a private individual.

What does BOVAG warranty and what is it worth?

You need at least 6 months warranty on your used car that you buy from a dealer BOVAG. There are however the following conditions:
  • The second-hand car purchased must have cost at least ?? 4500;
  • The purchase of the used car is less than ?? 4500, but more than 35% of the original list price of the car.

But ?? Unfortunately, there are car dealers who are not so fussy with BOVAG conditions, and they sometimes change. Therefore, check yourself on the official website BOVAG what this warranty and determine whether this guarantee takes necessary.

Test drive with someone who knows there

Everyone has a neighbor, friend, uncle, classmate or colleague who knows a thing or car ?? s. Take this person with you when you go hunting. That bottle of wine or crate of beer is worth every penny. You can also ask the vendor in advance whether he objects to is as you drive past the garage where the car maintained is an independent professional opinion. The test drive is of great importance. Note that the engine easy to start, it makes no excessive noise and no large amount of smoke coming from the exhaust. Check the oil level, check that all gauges work and look under the car or leaking anything. Whining noises from the gearbox or the differential usually mean high repair costs! Loud tapping or thumping if you could indicate driving on rough roads on a bad or worn suspension. Make sure the heater warm, and the air conditioning blows cold air. Grab a piece encourages highway and see if the car well.

Check not only the car but also the owner

Says the owner of those beautiful car just fantastic stories if he honestly says what is wrong? Does he answer to your question whether the car has weaknesses? Does he want the car at all costs or lost he does not need? He has regularly serviced the car and if so, is there a maintenance log that shows? When in doubt, better not buy!

Be prepared to walk away

Follow your mind and not your feelings. If you're not 100% sure about the car, the buyer or the price is too high, then walk away. Have patience. There will be a day Thousands of new used cars ?? s offered. Your ideal car you'll come to.
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