Beware of the laser gun

uysato 26-01-2018 Auto
The new weapon in the fight against speeding drivers is the laser gun. How does the laser gun and falls to avoid them?

Be fired

Almost every driver has ever experienced: be flashed at too high a speed. You were at that moment flashed by a flash unit, which converts the license plate of the car from behind on the photo, after which received a speeding ticket in the mail. These speed cameras are still used, whether fixed or mobile. For a while the police have, however, provided with a new device: the laser gun.

What is a laser gun

A laser gun is a device that oncoming traffic can be tested by conducting a high speed. It is measured at two points, the speed with which the distance traveled between two points can be deduced how fast you drove. This calculation is very fast. The measurement is performed within a second. Before you know it you that with a laser gun capable of monitoring you have been flashed. There is almost no escape.

Is there an opportunity to escape to the laser gun?

For years there before the speed camera detectors, these have now been banned, but still be used. However, these indicators can not compete with the laser gun. At the moment the detector goes off, you have been flashed with the laser gun. Meanwhile there developed a laser shield, this device emits a haze of infrared light around the car, making it no longer visible for laser beams. Of course, this device is also heavy illegal. The police are in that respect still a problem. The laser gun can viz. Also be disrupted by other devices that operate with infra red radiation such as remote controls. But here again it will be found a solution. Road users will continue to seek ways to prevent flashed, and the police will continue to seek opportunities to flash the road user.

Avoid fines

To avoid speeding tickets, you can at least listen by radio to the reports which are flash, but so is the only way to avoid penalties really sure you're not speeding.