Bicycle lay in five steps

Want to build bike but you do not let a bike shop do this? The construction of bicycle can be a difficult task. This article describes the installation of bicycle lights in five clear and simple steps!

Bicycle lay in five steps

The construction of bicycle can be a difficult job, on the internet there are numerous often unclear and inaccurate roadmaps. So here a simple five-step plan for the self-construction of bike lights.
First you start with the assembly of the headlight. This can be done by mounting the headlamp to the headlamp bracket. A headlight bracket is standard on almost every bike, when this is not the case, these braces for a small amount for sale at better bicycle. The headlight turn be fixed with a single or twin screw and nut.
As a second step assembling the alternator to the alternator bracket. Make sure the alternator bracket is still not fixed to the bike. When the generator is turned onto the alternator bracket, make sure that the nuts do not get too tight. This is necessary because the position of the alternator as compared to the front wheel needs to be adjusted later.
Dynamo mount bracket
Now that the dynamo generator fixed to the bracket, it is time to secure the whole to the bicycle. This is done by mounting the alternator bracket on the left paw of the work. Subsequently, the height of the bracket and the angle of the alternator so that the wheel of the dynamo effortlessly against the front tire to the shin. For this purpose one can use the best matching an Allen key.
Do not forget to install the snap ring on the bolts and check the screws that secure the dynamo attached to the alternator bracket.
Mount taillight
Step four is to assemble the rear. Barn first the inside of the mudguard, this can best be done with a piece of sandpaper. In this way, the fender does not need to be removed from the bicycle. In most cases, there is a hole on the mudguard already exist for a rear light. If this is not the case, drill a hole first. Insert the pin from the rear through the hole, do not forget the feather ring! Tighten the whole firm and voila, the tail is attached.
Finally it's time for the wiring, but this is also the most difficult part of the construction of bicycle! Take some electrical wire and fasten it with stripped end to the alternator, often this is a snap, but it has been here in some cases require a soldering iron! Attach the other stripped end of the wire to the headlight. Make sure there is enough wire left over to turn the handlebar fully left and right. Do the same for the tail. Put the wires to the fifteen centimeter fixed with tie-wraps, the poor student duck tape can also provide a solution in.


  • Headlight
  • Headlight Bracket
  • Dynamo
  • Dynamo Bracket
  • Taillight
  • Elektra Wire
  • Tie wraps / Duck Tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers

  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Cutter / Scissors
  • Allen key
  • Wire Stripper
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A useful website! I am now working on my old bike to refurbish and have completely dismantled it. Now I have a problem, the wiring is inside went in front. Do you know how you can play this easily?