Bicycle Maintenance in Winter

Snow and ice: your bike is affected by winter weather conditions. Moreover, there is sprinkled salt in the winter and that is bad for the paint, chain and other parts of the bike. How to maintain your bike in the winter?

Bicycle cleaning in winter

When you get home after a winter trip, you should wash your bike. By using warm water, the salt dissolves faster. You can also use a garden hose.
  • Wash the dirt with a brush and rinse cycle.
  • You also need to dry off the bike, otherwise freeze the chain closet with all its consequences. Do not forget to dry the spokes and rims.
  • Stole the bike preferably in a warm place so that spokes and rims not freeze
  • Rub the bike with bicycle oil or silicone spray

Chain guard and bicycle tires cleaning

You can lubricate the chain with a degreaser such as chain grease. Turn the chain all the way around. The crankshaft and pedals should be smeared with grease. Grease the bolts and nuts with Vaseline.
You can clean the bicycle tires by removing the dirt with a sponge. Also make sure that the bike is equipped with proper fenders. These protect the bike from firming moisture and dirt.

Cleaning electric bike

An electric bicycle is in terms of maintenance the same as for a regular bike. You're dealing with a battery, it is best to charge those indoors. If you keep the electric bicycle is not used in the winter, you can also give him the best in the house.

Bicycle Maintenance in Winter: what do you need?

To maintain your bike in the winter, you will need:
  • Cleaning agent for the bike, as Cyclon Bike Wax Shampoo
  • A brush
  • Dry cloth
  • vaseline
  • Chaincleaner

Check for bicycle use

When you take the bike out of the garage, then check it before use. Think of braking, acceleration, and light chain. As a result of the winter weather these components to function less well.

Winter tires for bicycles

There are not only winter tires for cars for sale, but also for the bike. They have a higher profile than standard bicycle tires and therefore more grip on the road. Many people do take it seriously about winter tires for the bike, but as it contributes to the safety, it is definitely worth considering.

Winter Turn bike

You can also go to the bicycle dealer for a winter turn of the bicycle. For a major overhaul, approximately ?? 50 and ?? 70 will be charged.
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What I am missing is information to prevent problems by freezing. If a bike is always outside, like mine, which produces more problems than with a bicycle parked inside. That is with cars also zo.Sloten with such cylinders brace locks and padlocks as a fiesketting take a lot of moisture. Result: after a night of freezing get the key not even in there. I then heating the hot key with my Zippo. The key is still in there, you get that is not rotated because the cylinder is frozen. Then my brakes prove to be frozen. I have hand brakes and I'm not sure if the inner cable into the outer casing is frozen or the brakes in the hub itself is frozen. The effect is the same: you can not brake. and then cycling is dangerous if you do not fall on your face the smoothness. I try now to find out where I and my brake cylinders on my bicycle locks can lubricate them best so that no freezes things. My locks, I tickle along until now thawed by it with the flame of my turbo-propane burner. That flame is 2,000 degrees, hot enough. The risk that your protective layers of lacquer or plastic coatings burns away. Not so ideal. Maybe a hair dryer works better, but that's a hassle: lay extension cord out, etc. And be careful with moisture .I once had a roommate who was on such a big Honda Goldwing motorcycle.. Who then in the kitchen in a paint can on the stove stood a quantity of oil to warm up and he fired a whole dollop of petroleum jelly on. Then he went into a spray and sprayed it with his whole engine full, after first hearing, handles and to have everything needed to stay clean taped. Turned out to be a good way to protect chrome and paint and more against the wintry weather and brine. Too complicated because you must use a complete airbrush compressor. And the kitchen, oh the whole house stank four days to petroleum. In the spring he was brushing off the whole troop there with petrol. But it worked. It's just what you vindt.Groet important, F. Segers