Bicycle saddle and handlebars / Calibrating

A bicycle saddle adjustment and replace anyone. For this you do not have to go to the bike shop. Adjusting the bike saddle of a bicycle is simple. Like the adjustment of the bicycle handlebar. In this article you can read how the saddle and the handlebars must be adjusted and replaced. This does not go to the bike shop, but do it yourself!

Bicycle saddle adjustment and replacement

A saddle adjust properly prevents back problems and saddle pain. It is therefore important to pay some attention here. Do not take a quick saddle on the bike, but good measure various angles and distances before you tighten the screws. A properly adjusted seat provides a lot of cycling on.
To be able to adjust well to the saddle of the bike, you need a number of things. This includes the replacement of the saddle on the bike. The following items have previously required a minimum:
  • a saddle
  • seatposts
  • a few spanners
  • a few spanners
  • some vaseline or grease

How high the bike saddle should be?

If you sit on the saddle than your legs should be slightly bent when the pedal at its lowest position with your foot on it. In addition, the seat should not be too much to stoop over, but not too much backwards. Here you'll have to find a balance that you are the best you will sit.
You can set the height of the saddle by the nut which sits at the upper end of the bicycle frame, just below the seat post, loosening. You can run the saddle, moving some prying, up and down. Find the correct height and tighten the nut firmly again. To adjust the angle of the saddle turn ridden two bolts loose. Now you can move the seat forward or backward. If you find the most comfortable position you firmly tighten the nuts again. Make sure the saddle is not too much over: you will get faster load off your back!

Bicycle saddle Replace

Depending on which part you want to replace the seat, the whole structure or just the saddle or seat post, do the following. For the whole construction, plus saddle seat post, replacing tighten the nut that sits on top of the bicycle frame, just below the saddle, completely. Now you can pull everything out of the frame. Put a new saddle with seatpost into back and retighten the nut. Lubricate the seatpost will first briefly with grease or Vaseline.
If you only want to replace the saddle then turn the nuts under the saddle completely. Now you take away the seat from the seat post. Put a new saddle and tighten everything securely. To replace the seat post can also tighten the nut to the top of the frame just below the seat post, seat.

Handlebar adjustment and replacement

A handlebar which is not properly tuned ride annoying. You may get your arms and shoulders while cycling. What you need to adjust the handlebars of a bicycle:
  • a few spanners
  • a few spanners
  • an Allen
  • a pipe wrench
  • a screwdriver,
  • a bicycle handlebar
  • some vaseline or grease

Newer send a adjuster knob. Please refer to the manual of the bike. If you have an older control you can adjust it through in the middle of the steering wheel to turn the Allen screw. Now you can send up, move down and sideways.
There are also bike send you loosen in the frame, where the pin of the handlebar into the frame going. Use the pliers to loosen the nut.

Replace handlebars

To replace the wheel, you must first loosen everything what it is attached to the handlebar. Turn the bell and the gear with a screwdriver. Then, turn loose the steering with an Allen key as described in the previous paragraph. Now you can grab the wheel from the frame and a new bets. First lubrication grease or Vaseline on the stem before you put it in the frame. Turn the inbusmoer again tightly and mount the bell and the gear back on.
Some older send you unscrew the nut in the frame to replace the wheel.
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I put my handlebar 1 1/2 cm higher, but now I want to tighten the stem again, can not. He does not catch. How do I solve this? Sincerely, André Terlingen


Hello, in itself is a good article, but if you seatpost wall stuck there not adjust much. How can I get it off. seatpost damage is not bad, I still have a replacement. What I've done is this. with penetrating oil socks and a pair of pliers and a firm tap with a heavy hammer, but unfortunately is the pen still deadlocked. Who has the right tip for me?