Bluetooth headset for hands-free phoning safer

Dehlak 02-02-2018 Auto
Making calls in the car while the driver are driving is increasingly discouraged. Even if the handsfree occurs. While driving you do indeed need all your concentration in the heavy traffic on the road. Remember that a call much more energy and attention than asking a conversation with a fellow passenger. But if you must, use a bluetooth kit. There are several reasons but prefer not to call a hand to your ear while driving a car. In addition to the high traffic fine of no less than ?? 160 - also your health and that of other road users. Wireless telephony is not only safer but also more pleasant.

High risk so high fine

Few actions in traffic are as dangerous as driving with one hand and a cell phone to your ear. You namely takes on two fronts at the same time a risk, namely the mental distraction in combination with reduced control of the vehicle because you only have one hand on the wheel. The summation of both risk ?? s translates into 1 + 1 = 3. Obviously the penalty for driving with a phone to your ear whopping ?? 160, - amounts. Incidentally, the ANWB believes that it is better while driving to not phone completely even handsfree. A motorist has a clear need all the attention in traffic and must therefore concentrate fully on the road. The use of electronic equipment creates the necessary attention too much.

Hands-free calling

Often you get when buying a mobile phone headset comes in the form of earphones that connect with a cord on your cell phone. But it ?? n headphones cord is not really practical because it gets confused and sits in the way. For a little more money you can better buy a practical bluetooth handset.

Bluetooth headset

What is Bluetooth exactly. Using Bluetooth, you can establish a wireless connection between various electronic devices. The following applies well as a requirement that the appliances must not be more than 10 meters of each other. Not only is the pairing of the devices is easier, also the energy consumption is lower and the security is better than many other system. A good Bluetooth headset is more expensive than a headset with a cord, but has so advantages when it comes to make a connection with your mobile phone. Prices range approximately ?? 10, - to ?? 100, - per headset.

What should you look for when buying

There is first of all a lot of difference in comfort between the different headsets so they pass first before you buy one, especially if you wear glasses.
  • Are they nice and they do not fly out of your ears when you shake sometime firmly with your head.
  • They go easy on and off.
  • How to suppress noise and background noise.
  • How is the ease of operation. The vast majority of handsets has one button several functions. That requires getting used to but also a good manual, which is short on paper and available on the Internet. Hopefully in Dutch.


Adjust the headset up first, before you buy it, because he must sit together with your glasses. Indeed, there are headsets that you slide over your ear, your ear pressed or protrudes through a hook behind your ear. Depending on the model chosen to sit glasses and headset together sometimes get in the way.