Driving them everywhere nowadays. The BMW. In all colors and sizes, with different options and many extras. Do not imagine the streets. BMW was founded in 1913 as aircraft engine factory. BMW came off as carmaker in 1929, when BMW Eisenach AG took over. In World War II BMW played a large role.


The Luftwaffe was the German Air Force, especially during World War II occupied an important position. As the German air force made use of powerful aircraft were good and fine art engines are extremely important. BMW, the production of these engines on itself and delivered aircraft engines. Apart from aircraft engines BMW also supplied kachtige motorcycles and other vehicles for the Wehrmacht, or Hitler's forces. There were made more than thirty thousand engines in the war.


BMW got this hard time. How strong and powerful Germany also fell, they encountered much opposition and bomba third elements were therefore inevitable. To prevent the development of more war materials were also severely bombed the BMW plants. The Munich plant was hereby destroyed to a great extent and unusable. Also, the Soviet Union took the BMW plants in eastern Germany up to then transfer machines to their own factories and mimic the BMW designs.

After the second World War

After World War II there were BMW factories in ruins. Also the name BMW was associated with Nazi Germany, with all its consequences. Still, the plant could recover nicely after the war and went on to build BMW motorcycles. After the war, great sports cars and limousines were produced, but the economic crisis which led to the war, were sold there very little. BMW thus came to be on the verge of bankruptcy.

BMW Isetta

The rescue for BMW came in the form of a three-wheeled scooter, the Italian Iso. Of these, BMW made a new vehicle which the BMW Isetta was called. Only years later, in 1961, the real breakthrough came with the BMW 1500. After that BMW built a whole range of sports cars, both sedans and coupes, with different engines.

Rover and Rolls-Royce

BMW was forced to expand, like many other car brands. In 1994 BMW took over the British car manufacturer Rover. But in 1998 they lost the battle for Rolls-Royce. Volkswagen knew that to get their hands on. However, BMW managed to secure the rights to the name Rolls-Royce. The acquisition of Rover was in retrospect not a wise choice. The development was not put through and BMW sold Rover. However, she held the rights to the Mini, which was released a new version in 2002 which is still successful today.