Boat rentals for events, parties or holidays

Genebris 17-02-2018 Auto
Renting a boat is not only great for water lovers. Also for parties and events is an interesting boat. You can rent a boat or a day for an entire vacation. You can opt for a small boat or a yacht for a complete feast. A boat is always well kept by the rental company, equipped with everything you need and gives you a little freedom on the water. Also for corporate events or a boat is a unique location. What kind of boat you want, pretty much anything is possible. A yacht or motor cruiser, a private boat with steam engine or a barge or if you want to tackle very large radar can rent the boats and big ships for special occasions, such as product presentations, weddings / wedding and for large or small events. Some people rent a boat for special holidays, such as Queen's Day.

Boat rentals for corporate or event

Very impressive are the radar boats and large ships that you can hire for corporate events, all kinds of party ?? s but also for business meetings or events. For each meeting or party is to find a suitable boat. As momentum in the waters of Amsterdam have an original paddle steamer with steam engine, which you can navigate to celebrate a feast in style. On the boat it's like you are in another time because everything is still in the old style. Great for a wedding or party in nostalgic atmosphere.

Which boats are available do?

There are many boats for rent, from small to very large. Modern boats or old boats. From motor yachts to radar boats.
  • Motorkruiser
  • Yacht or motor yacht
  • Sailboats
  • Radar Boats
  • Liners
  • Cabin Loupe
  • Cabin cruiser
  • Sloop
  • Remainder

Boat rentals for many people

If you want to invite many people to an event on a boat, then this can be realized simply by choosing a large boat. Boats radar may be 375 visitors, in addition, on these types of vessels togethers organized and there is a restaurant. Can dance there and everything is designed to create an unforgettable event. Your guests will be a unique experience to glide over the water, surrounded by lights from the city in the distance, while there can be enjoyed fine food and drink, and atmospheric music.

Very large boat for an event or wedding

If you are looking for a special event venue for product presentations, corporate, trade shows or kick-offs, you can even rent a boat for up to 600 persons. Such locations include all fantastic gadgets for your presentation to be as perfect as possible, and to celebrate sumptuous feast. You can choose sitdown dinner or buffet dinners. Everything is catered to your needs. Catering, decoration, the decorations are adapted to your needs and if you wish can be ensured spectacular entertainers on board. If you wish to organize a major event is staying on a ship an impressive location where one holds special memories to life.

Feast give up the water

For every party there are boats. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday or the presentation of a product. Together converge on a luxury boat is always, always stylish and always attractive. For about 50 people so you can think of hiring a private boat. For smaller groups to hunt for large groups of people on a paddle steamer.

Boat hire for holidays

Also to go on holiday you can rent a boat. If you love water and boating, and if you want an adventure holiday, this is highly recommended. You do not always need a permit. You'll need a license for:
  • Boats longer than 15 meters, going faster than 20 mph.
  • Watercraft
  • Jetski
  • Dinghy less than 15 meters faster than 20 km per hour
  • Motorboat with a length of less than 15 meters faster than 20 km per hour
  • For every vehicle on the water can run faster than 20 kilometers an hour, anyway you need a license