Bring professionalism code 95: initial qualification and periodic training

How do you get your skill code 95 quickly and cheaply? Under what arrangement you fall given the date when you got your drivers license C or D? How do you get the basic qualification? What courses you can follow to meet the nascholings requirement? These are all questions that are important for truck drivers and bus drivers they want to abide by the rules on professional competence. Read all about how to get your code 95 drivers license and likes.

Competence code 95: What is it?

Where you used to have a paper driver's certificate, you have now a code to enter on your license status. This has to do with imported a European directive which requires all professional drivers in the European Union must abide by the same rules. Code 95 stands for competence. The new rules will work towards a number of goals, the most important being:
  • Reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Reducing the number of fatalities;
  • Setting a standard by which all professional drivers must comply.

Are you a professional driver and have your driver's license C or D then you should first get an initial qualification and undergo periodic training. D their drivers license for September 16, 2008 or their D license for September 16, 2009 have reached exempted from obtaining the basic qualification. For anyone reading this license after this date has achieved is to achieve the basic qualification is mandatory.
Every five years, must be followed 35 hours of continuing education including at least seven hours of practical training should be. Drivers with an old driver diploma covered by a more flexible arrangement whereby holders of the D license must do so only from 2015 and holders of driving license C from 2016.

How do you get the basic qualification for the Competence Code 95?

First you need as I said get the basic qualification. You can do this at CCV. To reach your goal you will need to pass a number of exams. The program consists of lorry drivers from the following exams:
  • Theory test RV1-light
  • Theory exam V2C
  • Theory exam V3C
  • Practical key C
  • Key private area C1 or C1 test simulator
  • Practical Examination C

For bus drivers the route is as follows:
  • Theory exam RV1
  • Theory exam V2D
  • Theory exam V3D
  • Practical key D
  • Key private area D or D simulator test
  • Practical exam D

How do you get the required training?

In a driving school, you can follow a variety of courses that count as hours before the training. A current list of all certified training courses and practical tests can be consulted on the CBR website. Examples of courses are:
  • Driving Analysis
  • Maneuver
  • ADR Base
  • Load securing
  • Silent loading and unloading
  • Digital tachograph
  • Driver Conditioned Transportation
  • Driver autolaadkraan
  • Secure fastening of loads
  • Working safely on the road
  • Defensive driving
  • Winter Preparation
  • Diagnosing Breakdown
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Hello I 3-11-2003 got my HGV license with belonging to drivers diploma. Suppose tomorrow I want to ride again as a driver I must first skill code 15 do with training? Sincerely, P.Broeksma


About ten years ago I have been a professional driver and have done for four years. I want to be in possession of a ccv-b certificate and might again chauffeur. Should I do the first 35 hours of training or can I to jail immediately? How about that? Regards Ralph.