Buying a car and parts

Owning a car is not for everyone. The cost of purchasing a car are high, but unfortunately it does not stop there. The cost of use and maintenance also are still in the hundreds euro ?? s per month. By sharing the burden, you can save a lot of costs. Buying a car and maintenance is common within a family, but you can also reduce costs by jointly by example, friends, neighbors or relatives outside the family to own a car. This is especially true for people who do not make much use of the car. Jointly own a car also has many disadvantages. You can easily get mutual disagreements. It will often happen that both parties want to use the car at the same time. The big cost is the purchase, depreciation and maintenance of the car. By sharing these costs is a car for people more accessible.

Buying a car

Buying a car is the biggest cost. For a new smaller car you must think quickly to an amount of around ?? 8000, -. A middle class car is more likely an amount of more than ?? 20,000 - demand. The problem with buying a car together is that there is only one person who can get the car registered. This person will also be excited for road tax and will also have to insure the car. Flashy This need not be a problem, but those disagreements that the car will not name usually on the losing end. The parties would be wise by putting everything good on paper, to prevent the parties later explain that other arrangements are made. The cost can be easily distributed and planning who when the car at his disposal.

Insuring the car

When insuring the car owner that the car must not name or qualify as a regular driver of the car. If one of the two persons one causes harm also runs another owner for the consequences. It is certainly advisable to drive WA ?? Casco insure. This is to prevent the vehicle through the fault of an owner is heavily damaged. In that case it could happen that the car has no value at the hands of one of the two.

Mutual draw up a contract

You can prevent many problems by themselves to put agreements in writing. The parties know then over and over again that they must abide by. It is important also to keep track of such a contract. To changed circumstances must also be equal to the contract there caught. Otherwise it could happen that either the contract no longer respects because they no longer true.

Rent a car

Someone who occasionally need a car, can also consider each to rent a car. The costs tend to overlook good, especially if you are the cheaper segment car ?? s rent.
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