Buying a car in America

Who knows well not that big trucks they drive in the United States? Many people dream of a true American tank. Especially with the low dollar it can be a wise decision to purchase a car in America. During a tour you can choose to buy a car instead of renting.

Why buy a car in America?

One can think of many reasons to buy a car in America. Namely:
  • You want a car that can only be obtained in America
  • You make a tour of the United States
  • You are for a long time in the country, eg for business

When you make a tour of America, it is advisable to only buy a car like this trip is longer than eight weeks. Otherwise, a car really advantageous. Also, you should keep in mind that you get a cheap used car. This must be sold again at the end of the journey, or perhaps are ready for demolition.

Do research

If you want to buy a car in America, you have to do research. Look at the kind of car ?? s and make sure you have created a ride in it, but also look further. Want to have the car in the Netherlands? Then look for companies that regulate the carriage transport. This is often shipped. The easiest way is to buy a car near so ?? s business. Compare possibly multiple companies together. Please also really mind that the United States is very large and you can actually get nowhere without local transport.

Paperwork in the car

There's a lot of paperwork involved when you want to buy a car in the United States. Very important is that you want to drive legally in the United States. So you need a valid driver's license. You also need to register the car and how it works exactly, can a state completely different. In some states it may be very difficult to register a car, there is in fact an address in America is required. Also, you will need to have insurance in order paper. The premiums can be high, especially for people who do not live in America. It is possible to arrange an insurance online and this can you do before you bought the car. View all options and take an insurer who specializes and meets your requirements.


For Dutch or Belgian youngsters who are under nineteen, it is in America already not possible to rent a car. Purchase will also cause problems. Are you younger than twenty-five? Then you get to another face additional insurance premiums.

What to look even more?

When you buy a car in the United States, there are other things you should look out for. Check is very good or good quality car, especially when you still want to drive around with it in America. Indeed, it is a great country if you're unlucky, it can sometimes take hours until someone comes along who can help you. Note also that a good health insurance is a must. The health care in America can be high. Another point is that you are not required in all states to insure your car. This sounds tempting, but keep in mind that it costs lots of money when things go wrong.