Buying your first car

When you finally got your license in your pocket, there is nothing better than buying a car. But where do you as a novice now pay attention to when you first buy a car? Already read through these tips before you put your doodle under a contract!


Determine your budget in advance. It is wise to first consider what you need to have a car. If you go only a short distance away is a car fit all. Daily for long distances you better consider a slightly more expensive car. If your budget is very low, the choice is a second-hand car is most obvious. According to the Consumers go about it ?? t smartest to choose a car that is on average 2.5 years old.

Choosing car

Also think about what car you have in mind. Do you have a big car needed or just a little? Should these petrol, LPG or diesel drive? And just as important; what color you have in mind. On the Internet you can advance the search for a suitable model possible. If you know in advance about the vehicle knows, you are better prepared when buying.

Extra cost

Per month not only lost the fuel costs, but also think about any additional costs such as insurance, repairs, maintenance, breakdown cover and road tax. With a new car has a comprehensive insurance preferred. When a used car is a liability insurance often sufficient. This will only be reimbursed for the damage you inflicted on persons or property, so no damage to your own car. Also note the cost of the car tax. This is based on the weight of your vehicle, so the heavier the car, the higher the cost.

New car

When you are considering purchasing a new car, you should keep well in mind that the vehicle the first year, decreasing approximately 30% in value. And the second year is not more than half worth. One advantage is that you spend no cost of maintenance. These are often in the early years included the purchase.

Second hand car

As a young driver is to purchase a used car very attractive due to the low purchase costs. Also, any insurance premiums are low. Think, however, that some older cars ?? s often needed repairs and maintenance than younger car ?? s.


Always buy your car from a dealer or known car company. It is wise to take someone who has more knowledge of car ?? s. Ask for the service history of the vehicle. Note the mileage because that tells you how much has been driving the car. The year you can often see if the odometer has been tampered with. There are also several web sites that record the mileage of each car, for example on the website of the NAP.

Auto Documents

When you are considering to buy the car, you always have necessary documents. First, the car salesman must have a registration certificate of your dream car. This can also be a part III or transfer proof. If this told that the registration certificate is lost or damaged, meaning that you can not verify that data are correct. Would you at least security, you can contact the Department of Road Transport. Ask for the insurance of the car. If it is a stolen car, the seller will also show no insurance.


All cars ?? s the same three landmarks: The registration part 1, part 2 and part 3 in older cars ?? s or a transfer receipt. The chassis number is usually on a metal plate attached to the chassis. For safety reasons, this engine number sometimes on a plate behind the windscreen.

Test drive

One last tip is to test drive your dream car. Now you know not only how the car drives, but also how the vehicle. Before you test drive it is recommended to take a look under the hood. Walk around the car and check for any rust or dents. Also check the tires of the vehicle. Good tires must minmaal 4 mm thick and the profile must not be too worn. During the test drive, it is useful to turn off the radio. So you can hear the car engine starts and runs. Also listen if you hear rattling nothing. When you switch, it is important that the car is not tegensputtert.

Common excuses for car salesmen:

?? This car was an old lady who drove so little with it. ??
?? The car has always been inside. ??
?? The car is the first owner ??
?? This car has never had damage ??
?? This car has never smoked. ??
?? I can give you no longer trade on this car. It happens to be a difficult color. ??
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Road tax and insurance is not any additional expense.