Cabinet introduces "guzzler"; much fuss, little impact

As of February 1, 2008 is the "guzzler tax" introduced by the government. This extra tax for polluting cars is seen by many as yet another measure of the Cabinet to use the car as a cash cow. Yet there are very few cars that emit so much CO2 that the additional tax for the "normal" car very little or in most cases, is nil. The question is whether the controversy surrounding the introduction of the guzzler tax is justified.

Collection of slurptax

Slurptax is a new measure for cars that emit co2 extreme to additional burdens. Here a distinction is made between gasoline and diesel engines. The limits for lifting slurptax set for 2008:
  • Gasoline ?? 125, - each additional g / km CO2 emissions above 205 g / km
  • Diesel ?? 125, - each additional g / km CO2 emissions above 170 g / km

Which cars are hit the hardest?

Consumers who have dropped their eye on cars with extremely high CO2 emissions can therefore expect a sharp increase in the tax on purchase. Especially in the SUV segment, where the CO2 emissions in general is the highest, the stock market should be drawn properly. This notably involves cars for lease drivers do not really fall into the category of 14% addition 20% addition.
Here are some examples of cars that are quite costly become the slurptax:
That's even crazier can prove the so-called "exotic". These cars, which have such a staggering price that no one bothers to slurptax, have been rare on the Dutch roads. But they are probably only rarely by the extremely high taxes!
The most bizarre car will be the Bugatti Veyron Spider. This super car will have a CO2 emissions according to Bugatti of 999 g / km. So if you are interested in this car, you can already ?? 99 250, - booking guzzler tax. Outside the estimated ?? 700.000, - to BPM and VAT. Compared to these amounts, the slurptax is a pittance ...

Consequences for the automotive industry

Smaller and more fuel-efficient cars are all "hot" is nothing new. Each brand is trying to green thinkers in a good light to come by focusing more on "green" cars with an A or B label thrift. The slurptax will only strengthen this movement. For the automotive industry, this means a new setback in an already not too hard current market. On small and fuel-efficient cars is simply less margin. And that means that the dealers, despite the sharp increase in the number of selling smaller cars, all sails will have to work hard to keep their heads above water. The share of slurptax in the downward spiral the SUV sales occupants will not be small. However, the average car will encounter little trouble from the introduced slurptax.


There has been much to do about the introduction of the slurptax. By many this tax is seen as yet another way to create the perfect cash cow of the car. Yet in practice it will be that the vast majority of the complainants do not qualify for a car with a CO2 emissions in excess of the limit. And the rest? Ah, if you have a Mercedes Benz ML 280 CDI for a sloppy ?? 80.000, - purchase, then the 10 grand to slurptax also still from.

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I paid 30 euros earlier road tax per month and now is 125 euros per month for the same bus! I think just robbery! What if I was more than 10,000 kilometers of driving that bus, but I did not even get !? Put that money but nice on the price at the pump, and then the many users to be addressed, rather than people who have a bus because they sometimes need! I work hard for me money, and you just steal it! Antisocial is the only word that fits such behavior !?