Camper buy: What to watch, and what does a camper?

Bonga2k6 18-02-2018 Auto
Sometimes envy people with a campervan? Free to go where you want and always have your own house with you, which brings you back? What does a motorhome or camper anyway? What are the main differences between a caravan and a motorhome? And what to look for when you want to buy a motor home, new or used? There is a new or used RV perhaps in the range of you and your family?

What is the difference between a motorhome and a caravan?

A caravan is smaller and you always hang behind the car with a tow bar. This allows moving the car and the caravan separately, which is not easy when driving. With a camper or motorhome living area is integrated with the car. With a caravan you are always tied to a campground for overnight stays. An RV is more solid and therefore relatively safe on the road. An RV is much more mobile and you can therefore come along in many more places, with a caravan ride once you're not as simple a city that comes along the way.

What are the advantages of your own RV or camper?

Unlike a caravan so you can drive away with a camper and explore the world. Maneuvering is also much simpler than going on a trip with a caravan. You come in more places and may and can, because of the length, are in more places. You can be as fast as drive it by car. You have a lot of comfort, both while driving and when to stop or stay overnight. You are certainly abroad usually tied to a campsite and you can discover so much in a very short time, with the weather, unlike for example a tent is not a limiting factor.

What should you look for when you want to buy a new or used motorhome?

You should think carefully about what and who you want to use the camper. Are you a couple or do you have a fairly large family. In particular, the size of the motor is important. A small camper is easier to administer and use. A large RV offers great comfort and you can be with a larger group of people on a journey. It is very important of course that the vehicle is good, especially if it is a second hand motor. Please note that you need at a weight above 3500 kg, a C license. With a smaller and lighter motor has a driving license is sufficient.
Please note that when choosing a new or used motorhome at least on:
  • Size and weight of the camper
  • Fuel consumption of the vehicle
  • Damage and history of the camper
  • Classification of the living and sleeping area
  • Driving comfort and maneuverability

What does a motorhome or camper new or used?

A used RV is already there from 7,500 to 10,000 EUR, more luxurious and larger versions but also cost more second. For € 25,000 you can buy a fairly large used RV in a good state of repair. A new motor will cost you approximately between 20 000 and 60 000 EUR. For € 15,000, however, you've really a relatively simple model and a small camper that no more space than a caravan. Keep on buying a used motorhome always aware that you like when buying a used car knows what you buy and take into account higher maintenance costs in the future.