Car brands - Importeur- and manufacturer data

Car brands - Importeur- and manufacturer data. Making a choice for a car or car is a long quest. In the overview you'll find the data from the various importers and price ranges within which the cars will be offered. Retrieving folders, view models, specifications and prices come with the push of a button "within your reach. Choose the car of your choice!

Buying a new or used car

Besides buying a house, buying a car is one of the largest expenses that we do. It is therefore important to make a well considered choice and -for a purchase go- put all things calmly in a row. Lack of choice we did not in the Netherlands. It many brands, which deliver almost invariably many colors, styles and designs, in various price ranges. So is there for everyone to make a choice that best suits personal needs and circumstances. The summary below is intended to assist you.

Car costs and amortization

The car gives us undeniably convenience, freedom and mobility, where we have many forwards. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have his statement about the costs that we have to make to keep ourselves mobile. The special Car Types - cost per kilometer and amortization contains a number of articles, such as the percentage of depreciation on vehicles of approximately 5 and 8 years old ...... or an algorithm to calculate your car costs per kilometer and more!

Active in the Netherlands importers and manufacturers