Car buying from a dealer, bovag garage or a trader?

You can buy the best car from a reputable brand dealer. However, they have the disadvantage that they are more questions for a similar vehicle in comparison with a random garage or a trader. You used cars ?? s now easy to compare with one another over the Internet. You will also compare it to find that the official brand dealers demand more than, say, a trader. This is partly explained because the brand dealer will deliver a car that is well checked and the dealer buys cars ?? s, and trying to sell them on at a profit. Bovag dealers is looking at the average reliability between the brand dealer and the dealer.

Compare price and quality

You would be wise not to look only at the price. A trader will usually be much cheaper, but you do with a lack not knock him. On the other hand, the brand dealer will often try to wriggle out of its commitments. In practice, you should establish good agreements on paper.
If necessary, you should take a professional to have it when looking at the car. Rely especially on the sales pitch of the seller. He will always say it's a very good car which he sells at a price floor.

When buying from a dealer?

Someone who is handy and has an understanding of car ?? s, would rightly be on the trader. You however must assume that you do not later have to knock back with defects that were not visible.
Disadvantages of buying a car from a dealer?
The trader will be able to tell less about the car and can possibly even go hide behind the fact that he is only a buyer and a seller. When a trader makes you more likely that there are important things you will be concealed. You will also get a guarantee in writing.

When buying from a dealer?

Someone who has no understanding of car ?? s back and wants to fall on the seller, must contact the dealers. They are generally a bit more expensive, but service oriented. They have in fact also a reputation to uphold. You can use the dealer make proper arrangements about a possible guarantee. The dealer will also be fair to prevent his reputation being put at stake.
Disadvantages of buying a car from a dealer?
The margins keep dealers will be higher. They will ask the highest price for the car compared to the Bovag garage and the merchant.

When buying a Bovag garage?

They have knowledge of car ?? s. The seller often has knowledge of car ?? s and try to sell you a car. They are expected to do their job well so as not to damage the name of the Bovag. In a dispute with the garage lets you enable Bovag. A Bovag garage has the disadvantage that they are more expensive than the dealer, but again has the advantage that they are on average less expensive than the dealer.