Car expenses - Depreciation Terrain car, MPV and SUV

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Amortization or impairment at Ground Car, MPV and SUV. The depreciation in the one car is higher than in any other car in the same class. Residual value, prestige, capacity on the dirt road, reliability, loyalty, financial capabilities and the like will undoubtedly influence the level of depreciation. Look what depreciates the car of your choice, or do you benefit from a low purchase price thanks to high depreciation.

Depreciation many brands and models: roader - MPV - SUV

The price you paid in the showroom in a garage for a car depends on many factors. Think of the original new price, level of mileage, the overall condition of the car, warranty, service of the garage, the location of a business, professionalism of staff etc.
Depreciation of the car will in fact place before you put a signature on the sales contract and until you have driven a meter. How high are the average depreciation percentage can be read in the table below. Here you will find examples of cars from different models and price ranges and depreciation, or the resale value after five years. The examples are only averages. These averages are for both the purchase price, type and design, as well as the mileage.
For the depreciation of many car models directly to the article: Car expenses - Depreciation many car models
Where the MPV are concerned there is a more recent version: 2007 - 2012

What is the percentage depreciation of terrain car, MPV and SUV calculated

  • average list price in 2004 of, in principle, six models of a particular brand
  • average mileages of 10- -in principle of these models, such as those offered in 2009
  • average asking price of, in principle 10- of models, such as those offered in 2009
  • average depreciation, based on the above average
The vehicles are listed alphabetically by vehicle.

Least afschrijvend car model from the above list

Most afschrijvend car model from the above list

Most inflation-proof model

Mercedes-Benz G-series
Actual car expenses per kilometer charge?
Calculate your car costs per kilometer according to the list in the article Car expenses - Overview and compute - Depreciation