Car hire, what to look for?

mjauman 20-01-2018 Auto
Before you rent a car, you must be clear for yourself what the conditions are and what to look for by you to delve into the possibilities in advance, you can save money and avoid problems. There are various parties that car ?? s hiring in the Netherlands. The conditions and the cost is comparable, but there are differences. Abroad, you must be even more wary. In the country example, it may be common practice that you have a high deductible. By taking these tips into consideration, you avoid nasty surprises when renting a car in the Netherlands.

What car should I rent?

The rental ?? s are available in different price ranges. For a larger and more expensive car, you have to pay a higher rent. In case you are going to rent a car to go on holiday, you should pay attention to comfort and space. If you rent a car to go with two people to a destination within the Netherlands, you can settle for a smaller and more affordable city car.

Compare prices of rental car

On the Internet you can with a few clicks of the prices of different providers compare. You should not expect that rents vary greatly, but a few euros ?? s per day, you can easily save.

The car is insured against damage?

Before closing a lease conditions you are well aware of the need which you rent the car. In general insurance, the car ?? s WA / Casco. There is often an excess in causing damage. This is also set for the tenant to give importance to the car without damage to return again.

Do I have to pay a deposit when renting a vehicle?

This may therefore be required by the landlord. The amount of the deposit depends on the car, but also varies by landlord. The moment the car ?? s good weather returning, we will refund the deposit amount. The terms define how the deposit should be paid and what situations the landlord does not or will not repay the whole deposit.

What should you look for when picking up the vehicle?

When picking up the car, you should be very careful what you should take with you. Only the license may not be enough. For example, the landlord also can be an identity card or passport as a condition, so that they have an extra assurance that you really enter the correct information.
Before you take the car, you must be assured that the car has no scratches or dents, where they can ask you afterwards responsible. You will find dents or scratches on, please let us write down in the agreement.

What to do when damage to the car?

If the car takes damage during the rental period, you should should contact the landlord. This applies also in case it's not your fault. The landlord must indicate namely what happened to the car in that situation to happen. You must ensure that you can be blamed for something if you have not taken certain actions.

Returning the car

When returning the car, you should ask the landlord alike to join you in the car. This prevents any damages caused to the car after you return the car, you will be charged.
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