Car import from Germany

A car import from Germany because of the large price difference with the Netherlands, it is becoming increasingly popular, not just among border residents. And one that is based on the market value of the car, have to pay less BPM.

Importing the advantages of a car

The main reason for importing a car, so the big difference in the price of cars ?? s as available for sale in Germany and with us. Moreover, in Germany an immense range in young ?? s used car with low mileage and in excellent condition. For many motorists, the choice is then made quickly, partly because the introduction of a car, if properly prepared, does not have to be so hard.

A suitable car found in Germany

Entering a car should obviously start with the search for a suitable vehicle. And although that is sometimes presented as an attractive purchase, buy a car at Lidl is still not the most appropriate way. The simplest way to search is to find a suitable car on the occasion countless sites out there to be found in Germany. Some reputable sites in that respect:

Cheap ?? Jahreswagen ??, directly from the manufacturer

Those looking for a young used car with low mileage is doing well to the official websites of car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi or Volkswagen and Mercedes reassess. Often there called ?? Jahreswagen ?? offered at very competitive prices, car ?? s not yet present on the occasion mentioned sites.
Under ?? Jahreswagen ?? is meant young used cars in which only a short time is driven by employees of the manufacturer concerned itself. Features of "Jahreswagen" are:
  • they are usually very well equipped;
  • have a low mileage;
  • in perfect state of repair.

Import Auto: Roadmap

Suppose you have found the car of your dreams and even arranged a test drive, how do you proceed? Who wants to import a car from Germany, has more to do with the following points:
  • First you must provide transportation to the Netherlands. You can do it yourself or have it done. And because you want to keep transportation costs low, you obviously have selected a vendor close to the border;
  • controls the transport yourself, you must take care of Dutch transport license plates and insurance to drive the car to the Netherlands;
  • who wants to import a car from Germany, also has to pay BPM at the Tax Office. The amount depends, among other things as built, CO2 emissions, and the condition of the vehicle; In particular, in the determination of the amount owed BPM is to gain advantage;
  • to obtain a Dutch license plate for your car, it also must be tested / analyzed by the RDW;
  • after the car is inspected and imports were reported to the tax authorities, you can now make up for the required registration documents.

Save money on BPM

For all car ?? s entering the Netherlands, BPM is payable. You can usually save money by letting based on the fair value calculation and not on the basis of the tables drawn up by the tax authorities. Which normally lead to a considerably higher amount BPM. Scratches, dents and other wear prints the actual value so that less BPM is payable. One advantage that in times of financial crisis always comes in handy, right?