Car more expensive and worse

salesg 14-01-2018 Auto
People who want to enjoy a carefree holiday in the sun and thereby want to use a hire car, are becoming increasingly disappointed. The economic crisis also affects car ?? s in popular resorts. Car ?? s sometimes temporarily sold and when they are available, there is a high probability that the vehicle exhibits many defects.

No credit

Because rental no credit measures received from the banks to expand their fleet, the number of available car remains ?? s as big as in the winter. In the summer there is much more demand. Another side effect is that car ?? s longer remain in the fleet. Some car ?? s for example, remain available for six months, and now twice as long. They are no longer sold, but longer used because owners ?? the hiring in this case ?? there is no more money to get that they had in mind.

Dirty tricks

Since rental income to get out of renting their car, they do not hesitate to consumers to deceive. Below are some tricks which rental companies could play. Be prepared.

Empty tank

This method is often used. Normally you pay as tenant for a car with a full tank, you can drop off empty. You pay for the full tank at the rental usually more than if you were to refuel itself and it never fails to deliver the car with an empty tank precise. Every liter of fuel therefore means profit for the rental. So ask if it is possible to again refueled in providing the car. That pull toward yourself this advantage.


Accessories forms for hiring a moneymaker. Without you noticing it can be foisted a navigation system where you actually not at all been waiting for. Additional fees will be charged. Inquire so the accessories and be clear in what you want or not.


Check when picking up the rental car, always check whether there is damage and late to record this in the lease. That way you prevent opdraait himself later for damage that is not your fault. Hire companies prefer to pay nothing to repair their car ?? s and let this all too happy to accommodate the tenant.

Liability insurance

The liability insurance is required when renting a car. Here namely with regard to the damage you might inflict pain on others in a collision. Find out how the rental company assures that amount. For there is a difference between a few tens of thousands of euros ?? s and a few million. Although tens of thousands of euros ?? s seem like much, it suggests nothing if by your fault someone in the hospital.

Own risk

Many rental companies are unclear about their own risk. There are lists, including the price appendix Spain of Holland International, you can see if a car is deductible or not. But if that's the case, it is often unclear what amount should be paid. The deductible can often be bought off. More information here so to when borrowing a car.


Especially abroad it is good to make to make a full statement immediately. That way you prevent later home to strange surprises. Especially if the car is rented abroad, it is difficult to redress.

Warning from the ANWB

The ANWB recommends consumers in the Netherlands primarily to inform well in advance to cover and associated costs. Families with children are recommended to go with companies that have seats with a valid ECE mark. In this way beforehand avoid some problems. Also keep eyes and ears open and be aware.