Car purchase with a deferred payment

sjanski 25-02-2018 Auto
Buy a new car, will cost you a large sum at once. The industry has also recognized this and offers customers loans or deferred payments at attractive rates. The car industry's goal is to sell cars as much ?? s. In order to sell cars ?? s, should be of interest to customers and they have to compete against the competition that has the same objective. For those who do not have the amount to buy a new car, it is still possible to take out a loan.
By offering a deferred payment, the customer must in most cases to pay a portion of the purchase right. The remaining amount will be scheduled over the repayment.

A loan

A loan for buying a car is an unattractive option. This is especially true in case you need to borrow the full amount for the car. The danger is that you have to pay off the loan even after the car already need replacement. If you still need to take out a loan, make at least for the shortest possible duration.

Some pay directly and pay the remaining amount in installments

The automotive industry is happy to serve you as a customer to provide a system, allowing for a new car is within reach. The car brands sometimes have promotions where you at zero percent interest rate, or at a low rate of interest gets deferred payment.
For example, you buy a car for ?? 25,000. The dealer gives you the ability to spread from one part of the payment over three years. An amount of ?? 16 000 go to pay one time. The remaining amount is spread over 36 monthly installments of ?? 250.

The danger of the deferred payment

The amount to be paid at once, you have to be right when buying available. The remaining balance will need to be able to miss the next three years of monthly income. A deferred payment is simply a loan, even if you have to pay zero percent interest. A deferred payment will also be registered with the BKR in Tiel.

The car industry wants you to actually lure to the showroom. They do this by setting attractive prices down for their models. In practice, however, almost no one gets the low price that they advertise with. You buy a new car, so the car must be equipped with the accessories that you prefer going forward.
A car which is sold from ?? 25,000, in practice it will often around 30,000 ?? go costs. Extra ?? s like a beautiful coat and color, air conditioning and a trailer hitch, go totaling thousands of euros ?? s extra cost.

Buying a car without a loan and free deferred payment, but with discount

In case you will not use the free deferred payment, you may expect a compensation for that. You should always try to get the price as low as possible. The car salesman would like to sell the car to you, having sufficient margin to the price still screwing down. Even if he says he has no margin.