Car sales in 2009; first 4 months -25%

Very selling car Netherlands sighs and moans. Car sales this year are more dramatic than ever before. Until April there is a decline of over 25% compared to the same period last year. And that was not a brilliant year! In the entire row of 47 brands, there are only two brands saw their sales figures increase. The fear now is that even the magic figure of 400,000 pieces will not be met.

Only losers

Car sales in the Netherlands at the moment has only losers. As many as 42 brands rotate less than last year. Three brands managed to sell as many cars. Only two brands were able to present better sales.

Big losers to 1% market share

The biggest losers are already in the "danger zone". Small brands have sold this year to nearly 93% less. From little to very little so. In particular, the American brands have the heavy, not in the least because of the continued bad news on whether or not to go bankrupt General Motors. Also Land Rover, which produces only models that consume a lot of fuel and have a high CO2 emissions, it has been difficult for years. That's this year unfortunately.

Big losers by more than 1% market share

The larger brands, with more than 1% market share, also have hard times. Yet losses are not as high as in the smaller brands. This is mainly due to the large range of models, making the decline of a model can be compensated by another model. Yet Renault does not look back on a good 2009. Sales of passenger cars fell namely by as much as 42%. Leader, however, Kia, which last year also had been a particularly bad year - 58.6%!

Where is the bottom?

The question seems more relevant than ever. How can we sink before also on the European market brands come in big financial trouble. It seems to be only a matter of time. The recently introduced by the government scrappage scheme seems not to be paying off. If we look purely at the sale in April 2009, it is clear that for a number of brands has become five for 12. Alfa Romeo sold in the Netherlands for example, only 7 cars in April. Saab and Kia did not much better. Well, how long can this still be okay ...