Car stolen, now what?

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Every 16 minutes there is a stolen car in the Netherlands. These are truly not only the car ?? s in the more expensive classes or the new car ?? s. It would therefore also can happen to you. What should you do when your car is stolen. Thieves is creative in steal cars ?? s. Not only at night ?? be ?? s car pressured to take it. Even in broad daylight, and it can happen to you while you wait. For example, even when one of the last tricks that have been devised. You get into your car to drive out of your parking. After starting your car you will sit a note under the rear window. So you get off to a closer look at this note. Meanwhile thieves ready to jump in your car while you are reading the note and immediately drive away with your car.

What should you do if you discover that your car has been stolen:


If you see that your car is stolen or if this is done in a manner as described above, you should of course direct contact 112. The chance of being caught is when the thieves drive off still quite large and the police can go directly to your vehicle look .
As a car owner is confronted with the fact that his car keys were stolen from the home. Because the alarm system of the house and went off immediately after the car in the driveway was started saw the owner that the car was stolen. Immediately, the police were called after making the relevant thief has only 30 kilometers enjoy his latest acquisition.

Call and register your vehicle at the Vehicle Crime Insurance

This office registers all stolen vehicles in the Netherlands, even if the vehicle itself is not insured against the risk of theft. Because your vehicle to immediately after discovery of the theft report increases the likelihood that the car is still found. Time here is definitely important because still many stolen vehicles are transported as soon as possible to foreign countries (primarily Poland, Belarus and Bulgaria.
If you call it makes sense to keep the details of your vehicle papers on hand as well as the insurance data. It is also wise here to indicate if your vehicle had special features such as damage, stickers, a hanger in your rearview mirror, a special color seat belts or child seat in the back seat. These things can all contribute to the recovery of your car.
If you prefer this, you can also report your stolen vehicle online via

File a report with the police

Always do this in the place where your vehicle is stolen. The police will ask you for your registration. Hold it by the hand. With this declaration a note in the vehicle register of the RDW will be positioned so that your vehicle is stolen. The entry in the vehicle registration will be suspended the motor vehicle tax.

Call your insurance company or agent

Even if you are not insured against the risk of theft, your insurer must be informed of the fact that your car is stolen. This will allow your insurer to suspend the opportunity to unsubscribe from the registration at the Department of Road Transport and your car insurance. You do no premium to pay more for your car.
Have you ever self-insured against the risk of theft, then your insurer will ask you for a claim form and a notice of complaint to the police. Moreover, switch your insurer an expert in what will determine the value of your vehicle registration documents and keys of your vehicle will take.
The expert sends his report with documents to the insurer. This will be only 30 days after the theft of the vehicle proceed to settlement of the claim. This 30 day period is included in the policy because the vehicle can still be found. During this period, you moreover generally will be entitled to subsistence allowance at the level included in the terms of your insurance. If you disagree with the value of the vehicle which the expert has determined you can switch a counter-expert. More information on this topic can be found in the article Insurance and a dispute over the extent of the damage
If your vehicle is recovered within the 30 day period you will get back the vehicle. Your insurer will, provided that coverage exists for the risk of theft, compensation for any damage to your vehicle. Is your vehicle recovered after the 30 day period and already receiving benefits from your insurer, then usually you get the first right to acquire the vehicle still back and repay your received indemnity. However, this is a right and not an obligation, for example if you already bought another car you are happy you do not have to go into the proposal.

Contact your leasing company

If you drive a company car, you must also bring the leasing company at the height of the theft of the vehicle. This prevents an attack on registration tax.
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What many people do not know is that some insurers will not pay out if the vehicle is found within 30 days, but is not available to the policyholder. Many cars disappear abroad after theft. If they are found there, they should be released through a legal procedure. Depending on the country where the car is found that can even last for several years. Care should therefore be stated in your policy conditions that the car must be available for policyholder.


Dear Sir / Madam, We have been the end of a theft last year of our vehicle (a car before the law, but in reality a motorcycle with two wheels and one rear) and this notifiable and notified the insurer. The insurer, however, repeatedly called remains new. Unrest invent and eventually refuse to proceed with payment. Time after time, we can refute these fabrications but they do not pay, and the insurer's the thing down with it. We sat down with a loss of approximately EUR 20.000, - and it would like to recover from the insurer. Could you inform us which agency we can go for legal help, because we ourselves can not proceed. Your answer we look forward with great interest and thank you for your kind regards medewerking.Met,


Our car was stolen this night to zandhoven.het in belgium is a light gray wave 5 5deurs with a dent in the hood and voorbumper.hij has also been lowered and has a sticker on the back window "jayden vw" original wheels and a red-black chair what is very striking is the light interieur.Wat if they are to poles with this car, you can do something about it, Nooo! because our perfect little countries where we have to work very hard and pay a lot moetten still can not agree! should anything happen to cars that go abroad and where they like to change the paper, as if their car always has been! something needs to change!


My car keys were stolen last night from my house. The offender and took my part 3). I am fully insured hull. What to do now? I will anyway have to pass on to my insurance company. But what will they say? what can I expect?


Last Friday, my car, a Leon Topsport 150 of 2002 also stolen. There I had a car that was not worth more than WA, so the insurance I was so, what now appears to be very stupid of me geweest.Ik have no right to compensation. It was quite an expensive car.I heard from my neighbor that there might be possible to obtain full or partial reimbursement. He said it might happen by the guarantee fund or kalamiteitsfonds, but he knew the precise arrangement niet.Bestaat there as a regeleing it? if so, I fall also under there? The declaration is similar to the police when I knew the car was stolen.


My car was stolen near my home and I have gone to my insurance company to ask: what can I liability insurance, I want to ask whether there are other solutions to get credit for cars.


In the street there are several cars stolen most likely and left me here for unclear reasons. What surprises me very much is that I can never make sure these cars really are stolen before I have to bother the police. RVD even writes that this is related to the law on privacy! Whose privacy then?


Your car insurance provides coverage against damage to your vehicle and theft of keys this is not sprake.Om prevent theft you are obliged to have the locks replaced, according to the policy terms this is usually no fee regularly. However, many insurers will take the position that they have an interest in replacing locks and part of the cost of courtesy half vergoeden.Hier the saying goes no shot is always wrong completely.


The guarantee covered only damage which is be caused by motor vehicle and not by theft. Of these, you should not expect any compensation. Unfortunately, there is no other instance where such damage can be verhalen.Wat course is interesting that you ditch your car insurance and to whom you have provided to the change. If this through an intermediary had was that you must actually in the car modification indicate the possibility of a limited hull or a fully comprehensive insurance If the intermediary fails to do this might be liable, it is wise to raise this issue here.


Indioen you just ditch a liability insurance for your vehicle then these covers only the damage caused to third parties with your vehicle. Damage to your vehicle or theft of your own vehicle is not covered here. There is no other way to verhalen.Het the damage yet in another instance only thing you can do is make sure it is registered as soon as possible to the police in the hope that the car is teruggevonden.Veel strength!


The privacy of everyone. The moment anyone can verify which vehicle whose will is there are plenty of malicious people who may abuse it. If you suspect that the vehicles are stolen in your street you can pass it quietly to the police, they can ascertain this with the push of a button.