Car theory test: tips and tricks

If you want to obtain your driving license will have to pass the practical exam and theoretical exam. In this article you can read all about the theory exam. For example, read how it works and from which a theory exam is? How long is the validity of a theory exam? And you can also apply for a theory test?


  • Do theory exam
  • What is a theory exam?
  • How long is theory test valid?
  • Request itself
  • How do you ask a theory test himself?
  • Practicing for theory exam

Do theory exam

A theory test for driving license .duurt approximately three minutes and takes place at an exam center. You need a valid ID to do the theory exam. So you will always need to bring a valid ID. When your identity is no longer valid will in time you must apply for a new one at your church. You should ensure that you're already present at least fifteen minutes in advance. A staff member will check your ID and you assign a table number. Put your mobile phone and other devices. Prior to the start of the exam CBR of an employee will give an explanation about the exam.

What is a theory exam?

The exam consists of two parts, namely:
  • Hazard
  • Traffic and traffic insight.

The questions are divided into yes / no questions, multiple choice and fill-in questions. Hazard recognition of the part you need at least 13 of 25 questions correctly. Part of the traffic rules and traffic insight you need at least 35 of 40 questions correctly. The 40 questions are divided into 30 questions about traffic and 10 questions about traffic insight. Exams are held in classroom and in individual form. When the exam is over, you will receive soon the results, often within a few minutes. You get an overview of how many questions you have not answered correctly for each component.

How long is theory test valid?

Make sure you get after passing your theory test within 18 months you have achieved your practical exam, otherwise it will lose the earned value theory exam. This is done because the theoretical knowledge as quickly as possible in practice must be applied in order not to be forgotten.

Request itself

Generally, you apply for your school for the theory exam, but you can do it yourself. This applies however only to the classical theory exam. Individual exam can only be obtained through your school.

How do you ask a theory test himself?

You can apply the theory test through my CBR. To apply for the exam you must use DigiD. DigiD is your digital identity that can be used to identify yourself on the Internet. Always use your own personal DigiD. If you still need to apply for a DigiD, you should consider waiting about five days.
On the website, you can request a theory exam. You must specify what type of vehicle you want to follow the theory exam in any language, if you want the exam take place and where the exam will take place. You will online have to settle the cost of the exam via iDEAL. If you want to change your exam date can still also through my CBR.

Practicing for theory exam

To remain fully independent gives the CBR itself no training material. Still, you can practice a variety of ways for your theory test. Examples include self-study via a theory book theory through your school or online courses. There are various websites available online that offer free training materials. An overview of all traffic rules and road signs are always available on the website of the national government.