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It is of course easy to drive your car through a car wash, but this is not always unscratched. Nor is it really groedkoop, for an average wash you average 10 euros or more lost. A good alternative is to wash your car by hand, it is cheap, scratch-free and it takes you not that much time. In about 20 minutes you will have your car washed. Well there are a few important things you should know to wash your car without scratching it with a good result. Of course there are car washes that can krasvij wash your car and have a very good result. But often a car wash is not in the neighborhood where you live, there are often long queues and it is also expensive. If you want to spend money there'd rather, you can also choose to you wash your car yourself. However, you must once spend some money on a good sponge, chamois, bucket and / or hose, and some other supplies that you want to pick itself, but it can be very simple with basic resources. Well there are a few important things you should know to wash your car without scratching it with a good result.


  • Use lots of water
  • Rinse off well the first car
  • Wash your car regularly
  • Use a good car shampoo
  • Do not use abrasives or scouring pad
  • Buy a good sponge and chamois

What do I need.

  • Big sponge
  • Small sponge
  • Bucket and / or hose
  • Water
  • Car Shampoo
  • Rinse Aid

Possibly other things like a little kick, before the roof especially under high car. What soft cloths, washing gloves, microfiber cloths and a roll of paper, ontvettter to remove tar and oil splashes. A wheel cleaner to thoroughly clean the wheels, it is highly recommended if you have alloy wheels to clean it regularly well as the moderator affected differently the paint on your wheels to.

Watch out.

You must have the opportunity to wash your car, this is your front door on the street, for your garage / driveway, in your front yard or just somewhere down the road. But please note it is in some municipalities in the Netherlands are no longer allowed to wash your car in public. Find out first with your municipality if it is allowed, otherwise you can even get a ticket for it.


Put the necessary equipment to wash your car ready, make sure you have two buckets of water, it works a lot more pleasant or connect your garden hose. When using buckets of water, one with water and one with clean water and car shampoo. Fill the bucket with clean water and allow your sponge and chamois are clean, make sure that the sponge and chamois not be placed on the ground because the probability is high that there is sand in your sponge and / or chamois comes, what as a consequence that the scratched paintwork.

Rinse well.

Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water, this may be a few buckets of water or spray the car with a garden hose. Dust and sand rinse off, this could cause scratches, even your water and your sponge stays cleaner giving you your car will be cleaner.

Car with sponge / mitt lather.

The vehicle must be well lathered with the sponge / mitt and car shampoo, the dirt will soften and adhere to the soap. Quiet soaping the sponge, do not exert too much pressure because you do not want the dirt damage the finish. However, the sponge or wash mitt frequently rinse. If you rinse the dirt in the sponge / mitt is sit still out. Soap the car as a whole at one time in but do it in parts, let the suds even soak and rinse it off with clean water. The entire car again, rinse with clean water. Fill a bucket with water and add a capful rinse aid, rinse the whole car with this off and your car is nicely dry and stain free.

Auto dry.

You can use a chamois, preferably a genuine leather chamois, allows you to drive streak-free drying. You can also use a micro fiber cloth or just another soft cloth. This is not necessary if you use a rinse aid because the auto stain dries without streaking.
Make sure your paint is not damaged, the paint finish is damaged, treat it as soon as possible to prevent rust. Your dealer can buy a touch-up pen in the correct color of your car, use it to bite work minor damage. It is also advisable to leave your car at least 1 times per year in waxing, this will definitely extend the life of your car. Was your car regularly, and may the dirt can not adhere to the lacquer and the risk of scratches during washing smaller. 1 to 2 times per two weeks is more than enough.
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