Cheap flights to Asia with Finnair

It is offering a wide range of airlines that travel to Asia. The prices vary and the quality is also very variable. Finnair offers a more affordable option to travel to especially Southeast Asia, in contrast to Singapore Airlines where the focus is mainly on comfort. A flight with Finnair always requires a transfer via Helsinki. This article discusses the pros and cons will be discussed on a flight with Finnair to Asia. There will also be a general view about the aircraft, the comfort and service while traveling.

Finnair facts:

  • Fleet: 67 aircraft
  • Destinations: 92
  • Home Airport: Helsinki
  • Founded in: 1923
  • Alliance: Oneworld

About Finnair and the airport:

Finnair is the national airline of Finland. The state has the largest share of the business. The company was founded in 1923 under the name Aero OY, the name has changed a few times but is now known as Finnair. Since 1999, Finnair is a member of the Oneworld alliance, which include American Airlines and British Airways are members.
Today, Finnair offers flights from many home Helsinki to Asia, favorable contact with Singapore ensures that there are easy and inexpensive can be flown to the airport. This allows Finnair offers a competitive edge over other airlines, especially as the flights are affordable but quality of travel there is not going under like to airlines such as Ryanair. The transfer at the Helsinki airport is clear and without stress, the airport itself is thereby also very modern and orderly. The gates and terminals are within walking distance of each other and there is a variety of bars and shops.

Booking Process

Booking the flight is easiest via the official website. If you know exactly how you want to fly and the flight in time book is arranged in fifteen minutes. You select the data and some additional options, including flexibility of the reservation, through an orderly menu. Then you can add more luggage and reserve your seat, at a joint reservation will be automatically tried every position together but to be sure this is a fine option. After that you can pay the flight by credit card, Ideal or Finnish Internet banking.

Check it:

To check you have in the EU virtually only your passport to check in. To be safe, you should always return for a demonstration flight, including flight number etc. must take on paper or smartphone to avoid any delay. The luggage is then checked and automatically given to a transfer. Changes in terms of weight or numbers of baggage can be passed on the spot. The maximum baggage weight was 7 kilograms. At the baggage-check the boarding pass is printed and it must be shown at the gate. I've heard it said that with only hand luggage can check in digitally via smartphone but here I have no experience with.

The seats and comfort:

As mentioned earlier, it is possible, in a timely reservation, in order to pick up from a chair itself. For extra legroom, the outer seat of course the easiest, the seats are at a reasonable distance of each other but for very tall people may be a bit tricky. The seats themselves are adjustable to slope, there is a footrest, a magazine net and a folding table. It's all quite basic but complete, by comparison you can think of the seats of a KLM flight.
On shorter flights, there is no entertainment screen presence, which only screens for the five rows of seats with mainly advertising and flight information. On longer flights, however, there is an entertainment system, operated with a remote control in the chair. There is a fairly wide range of movies, series, music and games. Yet these are often especially popular series or movies and they are always automatically Swedish subtitles.
There are plenty of toilets available in the larger aircraft for longer trips, but for example a flight between Amsterdam and Helsinki can you just stand in line. The toilets are clean but a bit tricky to turbulence, but there are some handles provided.

The service, the food and drink:

The Finnair flight attendants are friendly and helpful and always speak to recover a smile and an answer. It is always possible for additional water, tea and coffee to get free or to order extra drinks. There is a sales service onboard duty-free products, but it is discreet and unobtrusive.
During a short flight you will get an afternoon delicious sandwich and coffee, tea or juice. During the long flight you'll get an evening dinner consisting of a hot dish, a sandwich, a muffin and some crackers. Here you can free wine twice, beer and soft drinks order. To experience the quality of all the food is very high for a flight, although this is somewhat dependent on the court. The chicken was at least two occasions very tasty. For vegetarians there are alternatives, it seems to me best to pass this to say in advance or inform accompanied. Breakfast is served in the morning on a long flight and includes an omelet, sausage, potatoes, a roll with toppings and a variety of hot and cold drinks. The breakfast is poor and the taste is not very sophisticated.


The plus points of a Finnair flight is the good service, good food, good entertainment and generally a comfortable flight. The checking and booking are very clear and the whole trip was almost stress-free. However, if you want to sit very comfortably, for example in relation to body length, or a Dutch-speaking crew prefer to choose better for another company. It may also, from an environmental principles, disturbing that you are flying with a detour via Helsinki. If these points, however, do not disturb your Finnair is the right choice.