Cheap flights to Barcelona

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Budget viegtickets to Barcelona booked with Ryanair, easyJet, Air Berlin, Transavia, Vueling, Clickair, Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook. Please note the following; Ryanair fly to Barcelona, ​​but drop you off in the city of Girona, 100 kilometers away.

The airports of Barcelona

Barcelona has one airport, Barcelona International Airport, or there are two .... read on to avoid being delivered elsewhere than you thought, or go check at the wrong airport. Sometimes airports classified as a city when they lie very far from. For example, you counting on you fly to Barcelona, ​​but is delivered in Girona, 100 kilometers away. This joke gets RyanAir with his passengers to Barcelona. How exactly? RyanAir gives as destination Barcelona. Aa, Barcelona does not exist! GRO is the code of Girona, and that city is, as mentioned, 100 kilometers from Barcelona. It's okay if you know it and opted for it, but it is at least unpleasant if you are unexpectedly confronted with it.

Barcelona and RyanAir

Airport Niederrhein / Weeze, one of the departure points for Barcelona, ​​is called by RyanAir Dusseldorf / Weeze. The fact is that this is not the airport of the city of Düsseldorf, because that is Dusseldorf Airport. The two airports are so easy to confuse. Pay attention to the IATA code's airports. One airport called Niederrhein / Weeze, the other Dusseldorf. The Dusseldorf / Weeze from RyanAir is Niederrhein / Weeze and not Düsseldorf. Do not you remember? You will not be the first to log on to the wrong airport, marred by RyanAir.

Cheap flights to Barcelona

  • Amsterdam with: Vueling - Transavia - Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU - Clickair
  • Brussels Intl. with: Vueling - Brussels Airlines - Clickair
  • Bremen: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dortmund: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU - easyJet
  • Dusseldorf: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Münster / Osnabrück with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU

Cheap Flights to Girona, 100 kilometers from Barcelona

  • Amsterdam: Thomas Cook
  • Bremen: Ryanair
  • Brussels Charleroi with Ryanair
  • Brussels Intl. with: Jetairfly - Thomas Cook
  • Eindhoven: Ryanair
  • Maastricht: Ryanair
  • Niederrhein / Weeze with Ryanair
  • Rotterdam: Transavia

Transportation to the city center from Barcelona Airport

The train takes you in half an hour to the center. Aerobús runs on the track
Aeropuerto - Plaza de Catalunya in central Barcelona. Several lines of bus will drive to the city, including the route Aeropuerto - El Prat and Aeropuerto - Plaza de España. The Rapid Bus runs from the airport to Girona, Tarragona, Lleida and Figueres. This last place is known as the home of Salvador Dali. His house is located museum named after him.

Transport from Girona to Barcelona

Girona Airport has no train connection to Barcelona, ​​Girona though. So you must first take the bus or a taxi from the airport to the station of Girona to travel to the station of Barcelona from there. These shuttle buses are very popular and so often packed. The train from Girona to Barcelona takes about one and a half hours and costs about 11 euros per person one way. And then you still have in your hotel.
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