Cheap flights to Bulgaria with Bulgarian Air Charter

Bulgarian Air Charter transports thousands of vacationers to sunny destinations in Bulgaria. In addition, mainly the Black Sea, Varna and Burgas popular destinations, but in winter can also be flown to Sofia and Plovdiv. Dutch travelers also use the Bulgarian airline, especially from the well-connected airports of Düsseldorf. Bulgarian Air Charter flies to Dutch airports.

The company Bulgarian Air Charter

Bulgarian Air Charter is a Bulgarian airline that focuses exclusively on providing charters. Charter flights are flights that are offered in partnership with major operators. You can book a package holiday with a tour operator which also included the flight is you yourself choose an airline. The tour operator goes beyond a contract with a company to fly its customers to best advantage price to their destinations. Charter companies have therefore a highly seasonal range flights.
Bulgarian Air Charter serves 32 destinations in the summer in thirteen different countries. In winter it to fewer destinations. For a complete list of destinations, see the list below. Being a budget airline concerned, the possibilities for meals on board is limited. For baggage need not pay extra to be up to a weight of 20 kg. The Company has no frequent flyer program because it can not be booked directly.
Bulgarian Air Charter is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It focuses on the leisure segment towards the two on the Black Sea holiday destinations situated Bulgarian Burgas and Varna, which annually attract many Dutch tourists. In winter, many also flown on capital Sofia and Plovdiv culturally attractive.
The company was founded in 2000 and started the same year with the performance of its first flights. In 2004, it exchanged the old Russian fleet for more respectable McDonnell Douglas aircraft manufactured in America. It rents out two of its units permanently on the Italian charter airline Mistral Air.

Dutch travelers

The company Bulgarian Air Charter normally not fly at Dutch airports such as Schiphol, Rotterdam or Eindhoven. However, the company does frequent Dutch easily accessible to German airports including Duesseldorf, Muenster and Cologne / Bonn which also annually several Dutch use the services of Bulgarian Air Charter. The reduced ticket price and attractive parking fees at German airports for many Dutch are well worth the extra mileage.

The fleet of Bulgarian Air Charter

Bulgarian Air Charter makes up for its flights using the following devices:
  • 10 McDonnell Douglas MD-82
  • 1 McDonnell Douglas MD-83

The destinations of Bulgarian Air Charter

With Bulgarian Air Charter, you can fly to and from the following cities:
  • Bourgas - Sarafovo Airport
  • Plovdiv - Plovdiv Airport
  • Sofia - Vrazhdebna Airport
  • Varna - Varna Airport
  • Yerevan - Zvartnots Airport
  • Tallinn - Lennart Meri Airport
  • Berlin - Schoenefeld Airport
  • Cologne / Bonn - Konrad Adenauer Airport
  • Dresden - Klotzsche Airport
  • Düsseldorf - Dusseldorf Airport
  • Erfurt - Erfurt Airport
  • Frankfurt - Frankfurt Airport
  • Hamburg - Hamburg Airport
  • Hannover - Hannover Airport
  • Leipzig - Schkeuditz Airport
  • Munich - Franz Josef Strauss Airport
  • Münster - Münster Airport
  • Nuremberg - Nuremberg Airport
  • Paderborn - Paderborn Airport
  • Stuttgart - Stuttgart Airport
  • Budapest - Ferenc Liszt Airport
  • Debrecen - Debrecen Airport
  • Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Airport
  • Vienna - Schwechat Airport
  • Katowice - Katowice Airport
  • Warsaw - Chopin Airport
  • Wroclau - Copernicus Airport
  • Bratislava - Mr. R. ?? tefánik Airport
  • Ko ?? ice - Ko ?? ice Airport
  • Poprad - Poprad-Tatry Airport
  • Sliač - Sliač Airport
Czech Republic
  • Prague - Ruzyně Airport
  • Antalya - Antalya Airport