Cheap flights to Grenada

The cheapest flights to Grenada You can find undoubtedly at Condor. The German low-cost airline also offers a great new service to the world of prize fighters; change. For example, you fly with Condor from Brussels about Condor hub Frankfurt to Grenada.


Grenada is a tiny island nation in the Caribbean, consisting of three islands. It lies just north of Trinidad and Tobago and therefore not far from Venezuela. With less than 100,000 inhabitants, it is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its fertile soil of volcanic origin is ideal for the growth of Grenada Nutmeg which supplies 20% of world production. The biggest market is that of tourism. Pearl white beaches, turquoise waters, coral reefs, waterfalls, crater lakes, unusual tropical plants, picturesque villages; it makes a small paradise of Grenada. But fresh in the memory is still by the US-led military action in 1983 they occupied the islands quickly. The action was initiated after hard-line communist Bernard Coard a coup staged with the moderate communist dictator Maurice Bishop was deposed and slain. Since the political stabilization of the Grenada is the wind; The rest is now only disturbed by an occasional hurricane. Located on the southern edge of the famous'Hurricane Belt' Grenada has not much affected by the windy violence; Hurricane Ivan raged there as one of the few full but over. Through a well-coordinated action could most damage be repaired within a year.

Airport Grenada

Point Salines International Airport is located 8 kilometers from the capital St. George. The airport is named after its location; Salinas Point, the southern tip of the island. The very first to use the still unfinished airport were American soldiers who conquered the island from here in 1983.

Cheap flights from Condor to Grenada

Condor flies from Frankfurt to Grenada, but those closer to Bremen, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Münster / Osnabrück lives should definitely try with Condor additional cheap domestic flight from one of the books mentioned cities to Frankfurt; Condor flights often connect well with each other. With this excellent service Condor switches the low budget flying a notch.

Cheapest flights to Grenada

  • Bremen: with: Condor
  • Brussels Intl. with: Condor
  • Düsseldorf: Condor
  • Frankfurt: Condor
  • Münster / Osnabrück: Condor

Transport from Grenada Airport

A bus from the airport to St. George, but the timetable is not very regular. One reason for a time but then take a taxi; as a budget traveler must accept that travel costs down to still be slightly higher. Transport on the island is largely provided by the so-called MaxiTaxi's, elsewhere called minivans.
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