Cheap flights to Milan

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From the Netherlands and its surroundings there are many opportunities to fly cheap to Milan. An overview of all budget airlines and airports en route to Milan.


Milan is one of the financial and business centers of the world. The Italian Stock Exchange is located here and the famous car brand Alfa Romeo is made here. Milan has also made a name as a design and fashion capital. That is not surprising, the notion of shopping is pretty much invented in Milan. Reportedly, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the oldest shopping center in the world. Milan was founded by two Celtic peoples, the Bituriges and the Aedui. They touched it lost to the Romans who made it the capital of the Western Roman Empire. Then it was the turn of the Huns, the Ostrogoths, the Longobards and the Franks. Subsequently Milan was part of the Holy Roman Empire, the French enlisted in it to lose it again to the Habsburgs. They were again defeated by Napoleon who was tops in the Milan Cathedral. After leaving Milan was annexed to Austria and finally in 1861 to be definitively Italian possession. Ah, it's just a few of the turbulent history of the city.

The airports of Milan

Milan has three airports, two of which are interesting for budget travelers from the Netherlands and surroundings: Milan Malpensa and Milan Orio al Serio. The latter is also called Milan Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport to the nearby Bergamo. The name Bergamo explains the IATA code BGY.

Cheap flights to Milan Malpensa

  • Brussels Intl. with: Brussels Airlines - easyJet
  • Cologne / Bonn: Germanwings
  • Amsterdam with easyJet

Cheap flights to Milan Orio al Serio

  • Amsterdam with Transavia
  • Brussels Charleroi with Ryanair
  • Brussels Intl. with: Brussels Airlines
  • Bremen: Ryanair
  • Dortmund: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dusseldorf: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Eindhoven: Ryanair
  • Cologne / Bonn with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Münster / Osnabrück with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Munich with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Niederrhein / Weeze with Ryanair

Milan with RyanAir

Airport Niederrhein / Weeze is called by RyanAir invariably Dusseldorf / Weeze. That is not correct, but bullied better. However, the city has its own airport Düsseldorf: Düsseldorf. The two airports are so easy to confuse. Pay attention to the IATA code's airports. One airport called Niederrhein / Weeze, the other Dusseldorf. The Dusseldorf / Weeze from RyanAir is Niederrhein / Weeze and not Düsseldorf. Do not you remember? You will not be the first to log on to the wrong airport, marred by RyanAir.

Transportation to the center from Milan Malpensa Airport

The airport is through Malpensa Express train connected to the Cadorna station in the city. Journey time about 40 minutes.

Transportation to the center from Milan Orio al Serio Airport

There is no railway station at the airport. The transport to Milan and Bergamo runs per bus. Milan is located approximately 45 kilometers from the airport, you sit another hour on the bus from Autostradale. Bergamo is around the corner on the other hand, only five kilometers. For Bergamo you take the Zani Bus.
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