Cheap flights to Munich

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Fly cheap to Munich with Brussels Airlines, Air Berlin, Germanwings and InterSky. A nice touch is that from Munich Airport also intercity buses to cities in the area and ski resorts in Tyrol. An interesting airport for winter sports so.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport is the second airport in Germany. In 2007 the airport was voted best in Europe. But before the airport in 1992 could be opened finally had to be done in an excessive amount of work. A village had to be expropriated and demolished to make way for the airport, which is also an important role to play in as a base for skiing holidays.

The city of Munich

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria and one of the largest cities in Germany. Due to its location it could become a major city in central Europe. For a long time Munich capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria, and sometimes it seems as if it still exists. Munich was and is one of the economic engines of Germany and let its voice heard loud and clear in national politics. World famous are the Oktoberfeste, which are held mainly in September. This major beer festival was first held in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von achsen-Hildburghausen. The name Munich, moreover, a little less alcoholic history, it comes from the word Mönche; the city had been built at a monastery.

Cheap flights to Munich

  • Brussels Intl. with: Brussels Airlines
  • Cologne / Bonn with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU - Germanwings - InterSky
  • Dusseldorf: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dortmund: Germanwings
  • Münster / Osnabrück with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU - InterSky
  • Rotterdam: InterSky

Transportation from Munich Airport

The airport is located about 30 kilometers outside of Munich. Travelers are using the S-Bahn or bus within 45 minutes in the center. Lufthansa Shuttle has approximately the same time required. Interestingly take from Munich Airport intercity buses to several other cities, including Regensburg, Ingolstadt and Salzburg in Austria. Those attending are skiing at Munich Airport shuttles to belangrijkset ski areas in Tyrol.

Check and double check websites of ticket sellers

Also always at the offers and last minutes of a number of travel companies on the Internet, and let your favorite destination loose on a few websites where you can book flights. You never know what you all come across, nothing is as variable as the world of aviation. One day you will find nothing pay perch, the following are suddenly again cheap flights or travel. Let us surprise you! And buy a complete holiday package, please note that you are not booked into a hotel in a distant city so that you spend half the day with up and down commute.
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